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Wouldn't it be Nice? Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 8
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Wouldn't it be Nice?
Original Airdate June 24, 2005
Previous Episode Rats Race
Next Episode Dude, Where's My Horse?

"Wouldn't it be Nice?" is the eighth episode from Season 3 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


As part of a Life Skills field trip, Chuckie has to pretend to marry Fridge, Angelica to Susie, Harold to a girl named Harriet, who is just like him, Darryl to Brianna, and various others. Mr. Pangborn and Ms. O'Keats are chaperones for the trip. Chuckie feels like Fridge is ignoring him when the latter doesn't respond to anything the former says. Harold and Harriet quickly bond over their common interests. At the bridal shop, Angelica is trying on a dress, despite it being unnecessary for the field trip, but she gets stuck in it, so she and Susie are left behind when the latter helps her.

Meanwhile, Tommy, Dil, Phil and Lil sneak out of school so that Lil can get an autograph from her idol, a famous soccer player.


  • Despite the pairing of the same gender in the Life Skills project, this episode has nothing to do with gay and lesbian marriages. However now it maybe considered a subtle, coincidental message.
  • This episode's title is a reference to The Beach Boys song "Wouldn't It Be Nice?"
  • Ending Tagline: "You want to buy a live ferret?" - Stereo speaker salesman
  • Kimi doesn't appear in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Mr. Pangborn's first name is Estes.
  • The partners during the field trip were:
    • Chuckie and Fridge
    • Angelica and Susie
    • Harold and Harriet
    • Darryl and Brianna
    • Sean and an unnamed girl with glasses and braids
  • When the classroom is first shown, Fridge is next to Chuckie, but when Chuckie stands up and raises his hand, the seat to his left is empty. In the next shot, he's back in the seat.
  • The last time this episode aired on the main Nickelodeon channel is January 20, 2013.


  • Angelica: Darryl, Darryl, Darryl!
  • Harold: Angelica, Angelica, Angelica!


  • Chuckie: (draws a name out of the bag, fearing the worst) Leslie Kaminski? There's no Leslie in this class.
  • Fridge: That's me.
  • Chuckie: Fridge Kaminski? (giggles) Your name is Leslie?! (pounds his fist and lays his face on the table)
  • Fridge: (growls angrily at him)
  • Chuckie: (stops, now nervous) Nice name.


[Last scene]

  • Tommy: (He, Dil, and the twins mistakenly believe that the police at the school are after them; They all get on their knees, and his hands come behind his head) Okay, we ditched! We admit it!
  • Lil: (has her arms up) I'm sorry!
  • Phil: (has his arms up) I'll never do it again! I swear! Don't take me away!
  • Dil: (points at Tommy from his place laying on the ground) He's a bad influence.
  • Tommy: (rolls his eyes angrily at him)


  • Harold: You know, you don't have to agree with me on everything.
  • Harriet: I feel the exact same way.
  • Harold: See? Like that! I'm moving out! (moves to a different row of seats)
  • Chuckie: (witnesses the falling out from his seat) Wow, I thought they'd be together forever. (turns to Fridge, and adjusts his glasses) You know, this marriage thing is a lot harder than it looks. (Fridge subtly reminds him of the deafness in his left ear) Oh.


  • Angelica: Bossy!
  • Susie: Big-mouth!
  • Angelica: I wish we never got married!
  • Susie: WE DIDN'T!!!
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