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Name: Winifred

Nickname: Winnie

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: Unknown, probably 30's or 40's

Hair: Red

Parents: Barry (Father), Paulina (Mother)

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse(s): Sir Cedric

Children: Hedley (Daughter), Smedley (Son)

Other relatives: Betty DeVille (Cousin), Lil & Phil (Twin cousins)

Winifred  (voiced by Claire Jacobs) is Betty's British cousin (Winifred's mother's great aunt was Betty's great uncle's second cousin). She lives in London with her husband and kids. Winifred enforces strict rules on her twins, Hedley and Smedley, who are the same age as Phil and Lil. Her only appearance was in the episode "The Perfect Twins" where she spend almost the whole time giving Betty unwanted advice about how to raise Phil and Lil, dress them differently, enforce stricter rules on them to "make them work more as a team".


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