The Big House 020
Also Known AsWiseguy
OccupationKnowing everything about Golden Apple Daycare
EnemiesGolden Apple Daycare Employees
Voice ActorPamela Segall
First AppearanceThe Big House
William a.k.a Wiseguy is a toddler that appears in the episode The Big House at 'Golden Apple Day Care', who knows who everyone is, as well as everything that happens around him. He is the person, who "shows the ropes" to Tommy at the day-care center. Wiseguy wants to get out of daycare to drink his bottle and be with his mother and father. He seems to speak with a Brooklyn-type accent meaning that he may have moved in the neighborhood. He had a friend that tried to break out of Golden Apple Daycare too. He tells Tommy how his friend tried to climb out the window, but they stopped him and then they caught him before he even reached the bars and Tommy asked "what did they do to him?". After which it is revealed they punished his friend by putting him in "time out" (or the pen as they call it) just to soften him up, then they made him put away all the toys in the playroom, by himself, and then afterwards they called his mother and told her how bad he really was and was trying to escape. Upon saying it, Wiseguy breaks down crying from remembering. Justin finishes the story for him, saying that his friend was transfered to Happy Valley Daycare, neither of them saw him again.

He helps Tommy try to break out of the daycare center. Even though the plan didn't really work, Tommy got out when his mother came to take him home. As Wiseguy watches Justin reunite with his mom, he tells the others he knew Tommy would keep his word. Its assumed he reunited with his mother like the others once their parents came to take them home.

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