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What the Big People Do Gallery Transcript

(The episode begins with a spinning shot of Didi Pickles' lipstick. A reflection of Tommy Pickles trying to get it is shown. The camera zooms out showing Tommy doing the same thing. Angelica walks over, crosses her arms and looks at the lipstick.)

Angelica: What, little babies wanna play with Mommy's lipstick crayon?

Tommy & Chuckie: Uh-huh!

Angelica: Okayyyy.

(Angelica walks to the lipstick, grabs it, and then shows it to the babies.)

Angelica: Say pretty-pretty-pretty please!

(As Angelica was talking, Tommy was trying to get it.)

Tommy & Chuckie: Pretty-pretty-pretty peas!

Angelica: Close enough, here you go.

(She throws the lipstick as Chuckie grabs it)

Tommy & Chuckie: Oooooooh.. . Tommy: Gee, thanks Angelica.

Angelica: Sure Tommy, no problem. I mean, what are big cousins for?

Tommy: Open it, Chuckie! Open it!

(Chuckie takes out the lid and spins a wheel that elevates the lipstick.)

Tommy: Hmmm...

Angelica: Do you like it?

Tommy & Chuckie: Uh-huh...

Angelica: Are you happy? 

Tommy & Chuckie: Uh-huh...


(Didi takes away her lipstick from Tommy, the lid from Chuckie, and puts them back together.)

Didi: Tommy, no! Now how did you get this?! It's my favourite lipstick!

Angelica: They sure are tricky, huh Aunt Didi?

Didi: Tommy, this is not for babies! This is for big people!

Angelica: Yeah, for big people, and not for you. Nyeeeh! (in a tune) For big peoples, for big peoples and not for little babies!

(Tommy sits down and plays with a toy car.)

Tommy: Well, at least we had it for a little while, Chuckie.

(Chuckie sits down on some pillows.)

Chuckie: Yeah, REAL little while. It's not fair, it's just not fair! If we was big peoples, they couldn't stop us!

Tommy: Yeah! If we was big people we could do anything we wanted!

Chuckie: Yeah! Like what?

Tommy: Well, like lots of things! Like stay up late, or eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast, or even take baths standing up!

Chuckie: Baths standing up?! Now you've got too far.

Tommy: Being a big people is the funnest thing in the whole wide world!

(Chuckie lies down in the pillows. and looks at his mobile.)

Tommy: And you can do all types of neat stuff all day, and it all starts when you first wake up in the morning!

(The screen fades to Chuckie sleeping in bed. Chuckie wakes up to the sound of Tommy.)

Tommy (off-screen): Chuckie, get up, get up! We're big people.

(It has been revealed that Chuckie now has Chas Finster's body.)

Chuckie: Huh? AHHHHHHHH!!! Tommy, look at what I've got on!

(Tommy has Stu Pickles' body.)

Tommy: Course is what you got on, Chuckie! These are the kinds of clothes big people wear!

Chuckie: I don't like em, Tommy, and I'm taking this off!

(Chuckie pulls his bowtie.)

Tommy: Chuckie, don't!

(Chuckie lets go of his bowtie.)

Chuckie: Why not?

Tommy: It's a tide! That's the thing that keeps big people's heads from falling off!

Chuckie: Whew! Thanks, Tommy, that was close! Boy, being a big people is really scary!

(Tommy jumps on the bed.)

Tommy: No, Chuckie, it's great!

(Tommy holds on the mobile.)

Tommy: Now we can do anything we want! We can throw our toys...

(Tommy throws a jack-in-a-box. He then opens a closet revealing lots of things. He grabs a milk bottle and squeezes it.)

Tommy: ...squirt our milk, and even...

(Tommy opens a drawer. Inside is lots of lipstick pens. Tommy grabs lots of them)

Tommy: ...draw over the walls!

(Tommy draws on the walls.)

Chuckie: Maybe you're right, Tommy. Maybe there's something a little bit fun about being a big people.

(Chuckie jumps off the bed and grabs some lipstick pens to draw on the walls.)

(Cut to inside a cupboard revealing countless boxes of Reptar Cereal.)

Tommy: Let's see... What shall we eat today? There's Reptar Cereal, and Reptar Cereal...

(Tommy opens the fridge revealing more Reptar Cereal.)

Tommy: ..and look!

(Tommy also opens the oven, which reveals MORE Reptar Cereal.)

Tommy: ...Reptar Cereal!

Chuckie: Decisions...decisions...

Tommy: I'll make the breakfast and you make the coffee.

(The screen wipes to a shot of Tommy pouring Reptar Cereal on his bowl. Chuckie walks over with a jug of coffee.)

Chuckie: Coffee, anyone?

(Tommy throws his Reptar Cereal box.)

Tommy: Sure! I'll have a glass of Jope!

(Chuckie pours coffee on Tommy's cup. Tommy takes a sip and then spits it.)

Tommy: Oh! This coffee tastes like mud!

(Chuckie drinks a cup of coffee.)

Chuckie: It is mud.

Tommy: Oh.

(Tommy grabs his Reptar comic. Depicted is Reptar destroying a city and citizens running.)

Tommy: Oh my gosh!

Chuckie: What is it, Tommy?

Tommy: It's time to go to work!

Chuckie: Work?! But Tommy, do we have to go to work?

Tommy: Come on, Chuckie, work is fun! And besides, I get to drive!

Chuckie: But Tommy, you don't know how to drive.

(The scene cuts to a shot of Tommy driving the car. He passes over a bus, a tank and a truck. A bird's eye view of the road reveals many vehicles crashing. Between the two bridges is Reptar.)

Chuckie: Gee Tommy, don't you think you should slow down a little?

Tommy: Slow down? But if I do that how am I going to get a ticket?

Chuckie: A ticket? A ticket to what?

Tommy: I don't know! But to want one, you gotta go fast.

(A police siren sound effect is played)

Tommy: See? Now we're gonna get a ticket!

Chuckie: Oh...

Angelica: Oh, boooyyys... time to play HOUSE! (followed by her laughing evilly.)

(Tommy and Chuckie screams fearfully.)

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