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Gender Male
Race Stuffed Teddy Bear
Relatives Chuckie (owner)
Friends Chuckie
First Appearance Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

Wawa is Chuckie's beloved teddy bear. Whenever he goes somewhere new or scary, Wawa is there to calm his nerves down. Chuckie's fondness for Wawa relates to the youngster's deceased mother, Melinda since she made that bear for him. In Rugrats in Paris: the movie, Coco LaBouche stole it and yanked it out of his hands and she ordered Kira to get rid of it. Then she ran to the wedding and gave it back to him. Then in "Changes for Chuckie", Kira washed him and gave him a makeover, in an attempt to bond with her step-son. However, this did not have the desired effect and devastated Chuckie, Kira then went to comfort and apologize to Chuckie, telling him that there was still much about him she had yet to learn, but assured him that she loved him dearly and she hoped that would be enough for him until she learned all of Chuckie's preferences. Kira later presented Wawa to Chuckie after he had fallen into the hands of Dil, which resulted in him being sort of returned to his previous state of raggedness. 


  • Wawa makes an appearance in both Rugrats: Royal Ransom and Castle Capers. In Royal Ransom, Angelica steals the babies' most cherished items (Henry the Lion, referred to as Lion, Wawa, Superthing, and a bag of worms) in order to force the babies to be her subjects. The babies must climb each level of the playset to reach the final minigame "Stormin' The Castle" in order to send Angelica down the slide and win all of their items back. In Castle Capers, Angelica steals the babies favorite things (Tommy's screwdriver, Dil's binky, Lil's mudpie, Phil's worms, Kimi's Superthing, and Chuckie's Wawa) when she declares herself queen of the Storybook Playset Stu made. The babies must work together to defeat each themed level to win back their respected items. Wawa's level (the castle) is locked in the beginning and is only unlocked once everyone else's items have been retrieved. The babies must avoid Queen Angelica long and her army of Cynthia is long enough for her to give them Wawa. Once he is retrieved, Angelica's reign is over and the babies celebrate.
  • Wawa was not seen or made an appearance in All Grown Up!, implying that Chuckie might have grew up and put Wawa away.
  • Wawa appears in Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix as part of Chuckie's first-place victory animation.
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