Volume 3 is a Blockbuster Video-exclusive "Kidmongous" rental Rugrats VHS tape featuring the episodes from Phil and Lil Double Trouble and Return of Reptar (VHS).

Volume 4


  1. Blockbuster Play Pak Commercial
  2. Rugrats Videos (Blockbuster Video) Preview
  3. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning 
  4. Paramount Home Video
  5. Nickelodeon Montage Bumper ID
  6. Rugrats Theme Songs
  7. Baby Commercial
  8. The Non-Adventures of Safety Queen Part 1
  9. Twins Pique
  10. The Non-Adventures of Safety Queen Part 2
  11. The Unfair Pair
  12. The Non-Adventures of Safety Queen Part 3
  13. Together At Last
  14. Tricycle Thief
  15. "At the Movies"
  16. "Reptar on Ice"
  17. "Reptar's Revenge"
  18. "Candy Bar Creep Show"
  19. "Reptar 2010"
  20. Rugrats Credits
  21. Klasky Csupo Graffiti Logo
  22. Nickelodeon Cloud Logo
  23. Paramount Home Video

Episodes Featured


  • This is the 3rd Video Collection.
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