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Season 2 Episode 15a
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Visitors from Outer Space
Original Airdate December 13, 1992
VHS release Grandpa's Favorite Stories

Volume 2

DVD release Mysteries
Season 2
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"Visitors from Outer Space" is the first segment of the fifteenth episode of season 2, and the fifty-third Rugrats segment overall.

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After Grandpa reads stories of an alien invasion in the American Star Inquirer, Tommy dreams that two aliens named Stuvon and Didor abduct the Rugrats aboard their insterstellar craft. In the end, the kids outwit the aliens, and Angelica becomes queen of her own planet.

- Description from Klasky Csupo.


Stu is playing with Tommy, using his toy fish as a puppet. The funtime is interrupted when Lou comes in with a newspaper similar to the Enquirer. Lou shows Stu, Didi and Tommy a story on one of the pages about a family that has been abducted by aliens and taken as prisoners for fifteen million years (which was twelve seconds in Earth time.) Stu and Didi don't believe the story as Stu puts Tommy to bed, giving him the toy fish. Lou still believes about the aliens' existence, saying that they can suck them out of their bedrooms.

After the conversation, Tommy goes to sleep, and gets a surprise by a pair of binoculars that are not of this Earth. Tommy gets sucked out of his bedroom by a beam of light produced from a flying saucer. Two aliens, Stuvon and Didor (who look strangely similar to and sound like Stu and Didi), greet Tommy, despite believing that humans can't talk because they're inferior beings. A robot that looks and sounds like Lou takes Tommy to the saucer's holding chamber after telling Stuvon that humans are smarter than he thinks. After Tommy gets dropped in the holding chamber, where Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica are, he asks what they were doing. Chuckie answers that he was lying in his crib, then the next thing he knew, he was in "this weird playpen" (referring to the holding chamber.) Lil was asking Tommy who "those funny-looking grown-ups" were. Tommy answered that they were aliens trying to take over the world. Angelica agrees, then says that they need to find a way to escape.

Stuvon shows Didor his planet atomizer, giving a demonstration by blowing up an asteroid. Didor thinks it's a bit dangerous, but Stuvon says that she has nothing to worry about, adding that she can turn down the power and use it to knock out walls while redecorating. Angelica was amazed at the device's demonstration, and asks Stuvon to play with the "TV changer". Stuvon, surprised that she can talk, communicates with her, saying that the planet atomizer is far too dangerous for a "being of inferior intelligence". Angelica, not pleased, steps on Stuvon's bare foot through a small opening and snatches up the atomizer. Once in her possession she blows a hole into the holding chamber, and escapes with the atomizer. Stuvon, Didor and the robot chase her while the forgotten babies follow her out of the chamber.

Down a hall of chambers, Angelica blows open a door to a prison room, which she thinks is filled with "aminals". A voice gets her attention. The owner is a talking fish that looks like Tommy's fish toy, wearing a top hat and holding a camera around its neck. The fish asks who Angelica was then introduces himself as Soblito Festeriks (also known as George) from the planet Fishyokia. He demands her that he'll be on the menu for tomorrow night's alien dinner unless Angelica helps him escape. Angelica asks George to name his price. He answers that he will make Angelica queen of her very own planet in exchange for helping him escape Stuvon and Didor's ship. Knowing of what this will mean to her, she agrees to help him escape.

Stuvon, Didor and the robot locate Angelica, but a quick thinking George turns off the gravity. The two prisoners make their escape by "swimming" through the now-weightless spaceship. Elsewhere, Tommy and the other babies find floating to be fun. The robot turns back on the gravity, allowing Stuvon and Didor to continue their pursuit of the escapees. George and Angelica find shelter in a garage with shuttle crafts. They steal one, successfully fleeing the alien mothership. This disappoints Stuvon, Didor and the robot, leaving them to find the other Earthlings.

Angelica and George are busy destroying planets with the planet atomizer, when suddenly George asks if he can take a picture of Angelica wearing queen armament to remember this by. However, George directs Angelica onto the transporter pad and then activates it, beaming Angelica down to a deserted, desert world. George has a laugh at Angelica before flying off to Fishyokia on his own.

The babies find the main control room, thinking that the controls are toys. Tommy presses a button that rapidly spins the mothership around rapidly, then speeds off through the galaxy. Stuvon, Didor and the robot attempt to capture the babies and regain control of the ship, but it's too late: they're about to fly into the sun! At that moment, Tommy sits up in his crib with a gasp. He's silently relieved to be home, safe, and with no alien spaceships lurking within the neighborhood. With a smile, Tommy gazes up at the night sky, and the scene transitions to show Queen Angelica on her desert world, digging for food with her Cynthia doll (which was probably just a dream Angelica had as well).


  • In the video game Rugrats: Search for Reptar, George says that he is from the planet Neptuna, not Fishyokia.
  • In the video game Rugrats: Search for Reptar, there is a TARDIS console in the center of the kitchen from the BBC series, Doctor Who.
  • The visual and sound effects of Angelica being transported out of the shuttle craft and onto the desert planet is a nod to the original Star Trek TV series. Additionally, the sound of the automatic door opening when Stuvon and Didor initially enter to find Tommy, and when they enter the control room to catch the babies, makes the same sound effect as the automatic space doors normally would on Star Trek.
  • Klasky Csupo also produced an episode of The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald with the same name, but added the to the beginning.
  • This is the first time Stu kissed Tommy.
  • Moral: Aliens aren't real. 
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