The Viking Ship was a vehicle that appeared in Vacation.


The Viking Ship first appeared when the babies, Angelica and their family arrived at the Viking Hotel in Las Vegas. After arriving, Chuckie points at the viking ship and Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil watch the ship row past by them. Tommy then suggests he thinks he's gonna like "Slots Vegas".

Later on, when Tommy and the others see Heimlich and Bob's tigers (which they think are kitties) locked up in a cage and decide they must free them, they decide to take the viking ship to them. After a group of people get off the ship to the buffet, Tommy and the others board it. Tommy lands onto the viking ship's drum, causing the rowers to start rowing making the ship move. Phil and Lil then start jumping up and down on the drum making the rowers make the viking ship go faster and faster. Chuckie then swings on a rope on the ship and Stu heard him screaming. Stu then sees the babies on the moving ship and he quickly runs after it with Angelica in his arm. But the ship gets away from Stu, but he manages to find a small boat, which Angelica refuses to go into, so Stu tells her to pretend it's a game. But Stu's weight makes the small boat sink, and Angelica tells Stu he must learn to try some new games.

While moving, Tommy sees the tigers in the cage on the big screen on the Rain Forest Hotel, but Chuckie tells Tommy the ship is now going the wrong way. So Tommy tells Phil and Lil to stop jumping on the drum and they must get off. Phil and Lil stop jumping on the drum making the rowers stop rowing the ship making them all tried out because Phil and Lil made them row so fast. From behind, Stu with Angelica on his back was swimming after them, when Angelica sees the stern of the ship and warns Stu, but tells her not now, and then hits his head into the viking ship's stern. The viking ship then arrives at the next dock and a man eating a turkey leg lowers down a draw bridge. Then babies then slide off the viking ship and head into the casino.

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