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Vacation (Episode) Gallery Transcript

(The song "Vacation" by The Go-Gos plays)


Can't seem to get my mind off of you

Back here at home there's nothing to do

Now that I'm away, I wish I'd stayed

Tomorrow's a day of mine that you won't be in

Vacation, all I ever wanted

Vacation, I had to get away

Vacation, ment to be spent alone

Vacation, ment to be spent alone)

Stu: Las Vegas!

Didi: Mmm. It's lovely at night!

Grandpa Lou: Haven't been here since the 50's! Took the town by storm too! I won 15 jackpots in a row! They flew me home 1st class just to get rid of me!

Drew: Mom said you lost everything but your underwear and came back on a bus!

Grandpa Lou: Oh, what did she know?

Tommy: Look at all the lights you guys!

Lil: It's like being inside a kissmas tree!

Phil: Nah, that was just sticky.

Chuckie: Do you think we're gonna live here now, Tommy?

Tommy: I don't know, Chuckie.

Angelica: You dumb babies, we're not gonna live here, we're on vacation!

(Angelica picks up her Cynthia doll)

Angelica: Oh, there you are, Cynthia!

Tommy: What's a vacation, Angelica?

Angelica: A vacation is when you get to do exactly what you want all the time!

Chuckie: I guess that means Angelica is ALWAYS on vacation!

(Tommy and Chuckie both laugh)

Angelica: My daddy says Slots Vegas is the bestest place in the whole world to go for a vacation.

Lil: What's Slots Vegas?

Angelica: That!

(Angelica points out RV window to the Vegas traffic and city lights)

Angelica: And I'm gonna be the star of Slots Vegas 'cause I'm gonna sing on a real stage infront of a bazillion people. C'mon, Cythia, let's go practice our scales!

(Angelica walks down RV stairs while singing)

Angelica (singing): Go make me a doughnut real soon!

Lil: Does this mean we get to do exactically what we want?

Tommy: Sure! It's our vacation too!

Phil: I wanna ride Reptar to the moon!

Lil: Reptar can't fly!

Phil: He can on my vacation, Lillian!

Lil: Now he's being my little baby, Phillip!

Phil: MINE!

(Camera pans downstairs to the adults)

Betty: Well, I wanna try that thing where you parachute off the Eifelle Tower!

Stu: I hear they have a replica of the Pacific Ocean in the lobby of the Atlantis Hotel. Maybe I'll check out the surfing!

Drew: You can't surf!

Stu: Can too!

Didi: Bye honey.

Chas: I'll take it the next day.

(Howard giggles.)

(Lou comes out, pops out snarggle.)

Lou: Where did everybody go?

Stu: What the?! Chuckie, you're supposed to use the glass! Phil, pineapples have to be peeled! Tommy, get out of the pasta salad.

(Lil burps.)

Stu: Ew! Lil, you're supposed to eat the raisins!

(Angelica eats the desserts.)

Angelica: But Uncle Stu, I gotta go back for my encorn!

Lou: Well, this is the last nickel. Hey, what's this? Would you look at that, a lucky penny.

Lil: Over here, Tommy!

Angelica: (Gasp) A circus! (Giggles)

Angelica: Everybody hold on!

Angelica: The fabulous Angelica!

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