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    I just need one Rollback and one content moderator, so feel free to comment I just need one person to let me know on this blog!

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    Now I love both Rugrats and All Grown Up! but I'll be honest the more I think about it, they should of had the All Growed Up episode be the last episode in Rugrats instead of how they did it. I also think season 7 should have been the final season of Rugrats in 2001, now don't get me wrong I like seasons 8 and 9 but I've realized it actually hurt them more in the long run with All Grown Up! the spin-off starting at the same time as Rugrats was coming to an end in 2003 the first season of All Grown Up! was the weakest out of the five seasons the show had. I think if they had Rugrats end in season 7 it probable would have helped them more when they got into All Grown Up because then they would had a better start with season one and so on.


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