aka Christopher Patrick Leppler Carbery

  • I live in Bethany Lane MD
  • I was born on June 2
  • I am Male
  • Ccarbe6062

    An Rugrats prequel from Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies, & Klasky Csupo


    from the characters of Rugrats, and the creators of Ice Age & The PEANUTS Movie

    Ed Helms as Reptar

    Christopher Carbery as Zack Yin

    Isabela Merced as Mariko Yin

    Professor Yin had brought Reptar a lot of intelligent human-like skills inside his brain and

    shrink him to human size before he brought to life. 

    His children (Zack & Mariko) were surprised. Meanwhile, Dr. Yang plans to put the entire city in extinct.

    It's up to Professor, his kids, and Reptar to save the city! (similar to Runaway Reptar)

    Mark Mothersbaugh & Theodore Shapiro

    1. Technical Difficulties (Runaway Reptar REMIX feat. Foley)

    performed by Julien-K | remixed by Christopher Carbery

    2. Walk the Dinosa‚Ķ

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