• I live in America (United States)
  • My occupation is Founder on Rugrats Angelica's Vandalism Wiki and Babysmurfrocks blocked me and DeviantSerpent blocked me
  • I am person who never explodes at anything at any valcano or anything that is really bad, bullying, and any kind of thing that happened somewhere and myself either and cannot explode at any of those kinds.

Wow! The rugrats is a great show and I'm getting started on this wikia to edit pages to make them even

nicer, and please, i do not wanna ruin any pages or else it will change my personality. I love getting started

on this wikia for awesome pages on the rugrats! Keep it Up!

I'm also working on The Wild Thornberrys wiki and Spongebob Squarepants wiki now, so i'm making these normal edits which means that i'm not doing extreme edits (One of the vandalism) will get deleted.


When my greatest are deleted by someone if they are not a administrator, i will have to block them but i need to make the block VAILD and if the block is fake, I think the administrators had alerted to permanently ban me forever instead of blocking.

Come at me bro

Come at me Bro!

Favorite Characters

  1. Tommy
  2. Chuckie
  3. Dil
  4. Kimi
  5. Betty
  6. Didi
  7. Phil
  8. Lil

Favorite T.V. Shows

Full House

Spongebob Squarepants

Vendell/Vinnie (sometimes)



Dexter's Laboratory

Zoey 101

All Grown Up (had vandalized the show)

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