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My AGU personality quiz result! <3

My favorite pages

My Favorite AGU Episodes

  1. The Finster Who Stole Christmas
  2. Project Chuckie
  3. Wouldn't it be Nice?
  4. River Rats
  5. Coup DeVille
  6. Susie Sings the Blues
  7. Chuckie's in Love
  8. Truth or Consequences
  9. It's Cupid, Stupid
  10. Interview With a Campfire

My Favorite Rugrats Episodes

  1. All Growed Up
  2. Chuckie's New Shirt
  3. Vacation
  4. Babies In Toyland
  5. All's Well That Pretends Well
  6. Big Babies
  7. Chuckerfly
  8. Finsterella
  9. Under Chuckie's Bed

R/AGU Merchandise I Own

  1. The Rugrats Movie on DVD
  2. Rugrats in Paris on VHS and DVD
  3. Rugrats Go Wild on DVD
  4. Decade in Diapers on VHS and DVD
  5. A Rugrats Vacation on VHS
  6. Runaway Reptar on VHS
  7. Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk on DVD
  8. Tales from the Crib: Snow White on DVD
  9. All Grown Up... and Loving It! (DVD)
  10. All Grown Up Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD
  11. Plush Pre-Teen Chuckie!
  12. The Rugrats Movie Collectibles
  13. TRM Angelica Soft Pal


<3 Sheckie! <3

The first Sheckie drawing ever done!

Shenzi Tuck (OC) x Chuckie Finster! I have no regrets choosing an OC x Canon couple for my OTP.


Initially, I only had a parody of Rugrats (with Shenzi having Chuckie's role), with no intentions of combining that world with the actual Rugrats world. But a while back, I had this idea where the parody characters meet the original characters, so I drew Shenzi and Chuckie as toddlers together. Ever since then, Sheckie just grew on me, and now I love it with a passion. <3 I've paired Shenzi with a handful of boys, but as of now, Chuckie's the best one, in my opinion.

I can't imagine Chuckie with anyone else other than Shenzi (especially Nicole), and vice versa.

Sheckie Stories


  1. Lost in Manhattan
  2. We Meet Again
  3. High School Daze
  4. Middle School Reunion (oneshot)
  5. Happy Sweet... Second? (oneshot)
  6. Tales From The Crib: Shenzirella (oneshot)
  7. RV Having Fun Yet? BxB Version
  8. Izzy Or Isn't He? BxB Version (oneshot)
  9. A New Year (oneshot)
  10. CF+ST- Sheckie Through A to Z
  11. It's Cupid, Stupid BxB Version (oneshot)
  12. In the Moonlight (Halloween oneshot)

In progress

  1. Love At First Sight
  2. Could It Be?
  3. Lost in Love
  4. Forever and Always


  1. Chuckie's in Love, BxB Version (oneshot)

Movie/Show Parodies

  1. Phineas & Ferb (roles: Phineas and Isabella)
  2. Ice Age (roles: Louis and Peaches)
  3. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (roles: Ronny and Nick)
  4. The Addams Family (2 versions) [roles: 1; Joel and Wednesday | 2; Gomez and Morticia]
  5. Nickelodeon's Swindle (roles: Ben and Amanda)
  6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (roles: Ferris and Sloane)

Find these stories on my fanfiction account!

Other Sheckie Pics

Shenzi's Info

Shenzibeth Callie-Belle Tuck
Also Known As Shenzi Tuck
Gender Female
Birth Date August 27th, 1989
Age 2 (Rugrats)

12 (All Growed Up)

11-12 (All Grown Up series)

Occupation Jim Jr. Junior High Student (All Grown Up)
Interests Playing with her friends and family, spending time with her family, basketball, shopping, Goth/Emo culture
Relatives Friar Tuck (father)

Felicia Tuck (mother)

Frankie Tuck (sister)

Maya Tuck (biological mother; deceased)

Jack Johnson (biological father)

Friends Chuckie Finster

Her stepsister Frankie

Fridge Kaminski

Tommy Pickles

Kimi Finster

Phil DeVille

Lil DeVille

Susie Catmichael

Angelica Pickles (sometimes)

Enemies Angelica Pickles (sometimes)

Vice Principal Pangborn

Samantha Shane (formerly)

Jack Johnson

Voice Actor Lizzie Murray
First Appearance Lost in Manhattan (fanfic)


My Favorite Character