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  • I live in Northeast U.S.
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is Administrator on various wikis
  • I am a Female
  • Bio Please read on my Tabber or Page. Thanks!
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Also Known AsBoo Boo (By my grandpa, my grandma, etc.)
Ashley (By myself)
Birth DateApril 25th
OccupationA bureaucrat and administrator on Recess Wiki
An administrator on Rugrats Wiki
A founder, bureaucrat, and administrator on Recess Fanon Wiki
InterestsComputer, being ecstatic, something humorous, Recess, cartoons, childhood memories, etc.
Relatives2 siblings, a lot of cousins, my father, my mother, etc.
FriendsA lot of them
EnemiesOnly a few of them
Voice ActorMyself (If I was a cartoon character, I'll be voiced by Pamela Adlon)
First AppearanceJune 10th, 2019
Hello everyone, my name is Aubree, and I've been a fan of Rugrats since I was young. I'm also best known as a bureaucrat and administrator on Recess Wiki, a lead member on Recess Fanon Wiki, and a regular user on various wikis. 


  • Astrology: Taurus
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian and Native American (I'm multiracial)
  • Religion: Methodist (Christian)
  • Ancestries: German, Irish, and American Indian
  • Dialects: Mid-Atlantic and Pennsylvania Dutch

Fun Facts about Me

  • I've been a fan of Recess for a long time.
  • I have high-functioning autism.
  • I love to give responses to people.
  • I am bossy and unique.
  • I have a fear of heights, no organizations, and changes.
  • Some cartoons that I also liked are Pepper Ann, Doug, The Archie Show, The Care Bears Family, Inspector Gadget, Rugrats, and Jem & the Holograms.

My Favorites

  • Favorite food: Sloppy Joe's and pasta
  • Favorite colors: Red and blue
  • Favorite bands: Heart, Pink Floyd
  • Favorite male singer: Michael Jackson
  • Favorite female singer: Ann Wilson
  • Favorite book series: Twilight
  • Favorite restaurant: Panera Bread
  • Favorite candy: Hershey's
  • Favorite drink: Chocolate milk (I drink it everyday)
  • Favorite stores: Walmart, JCPenney's, F.Y.E

My Favorite Episodes

  1. "Vacation
  2. "Mother's Day"
  3. "All Growed Up"
  4. "Mommy's Little Assets"
  5. "Piece of Cake"
  6. "America's Wackiest Home Movies"
  7. "Angelica Nose Best"
  8. "Angelica's Birthday"
  9. "Angelica Breaks a Leg"
  10. "The Word Of The Day"

Rugrats Text

  1. Kimi Finster
  2. Tommy Pickles
  3. Angelica Pickles
  4. Chuckie Finster
  5. Susie Carmichael
  6. Phil DeVille
  7. Lil DeVille
  8. Dil Pickles

Rugrats Text 2

  1. Charlotte Pickles
  2. Chas Finster
  3. Kira Finster
  4. Stu Pickles
  5. Lou Pickles
  6. Didi Pickles
  7. Betty DeVille
  8. Howard DeVille
  9. Drew Pickles

Rugrats Text 3

  1. Season 3
  2. Season 4
  3. Season 1
  4. Season 2
  5. Season 5
  6. Season 7
  7. Season 8
  8. Season 9
  9. Season 6

  • Talents: Writing, singing, drawing, coloring, editing, etc.
  • Instrument talents: Ukulele, guitar, trumpet (formerly), and piano
  • Strengths: Reliable, hardworking, patient, stable, loyal, devoted, compassionate, sensual, responsible, strong-willed
  • Weaknesses: Stubborn, a bit clumsy, possessive, uncompromising, spoiled, autistic, picky (especially when it comes to food), moody

What I Do text

  • Edit as much as I could... (I usually undo vandalism and edit grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors)
  • Add HQ Images if necessary.
  • Give responses, questions, and suggestions.
  • Help users.
  • Work hard like Charlotte (LOL).
  • Add categories if necessary.
  • Have a lot of fun on the wiki.
  • Explaining if there are glitches.

List Text

  • Add HQ images on almost every article, though, this won't happen until later.
  • Clean-up various articles.
  • Fix grammar, punctuation, and formats.
  • Add necessary categories
  • Help an admin to delete various things.

My Remixes


VHS Tapes I Have


  • "I hope you work properly."
  • "Intelligence is what we need with our eyes and brain."
  • "Thanks for telling me. I'll switch the recent edit back to the edit before the vandalism. I'll also block that vandal."
  • "I worked very hard in several articles."
  • "I've been a fan of Recess since I was younger."
  • "I have an eye on Spinelli."
  • "I rarely reply a lot due to mood swings."
  • "Do your best!"
  • "Nice to meet you."
  • "I'm glad you liked it."
  • "Please follow the policies of the wiki."
  • "Hello."
  • "What's the conflict?"
  • "Do you need help?"
  • "Done."
  • "I contribute to the wiki everyday."
  • "Someday, I wanna be an administrator on the Recess Wiki." (This quote was when I wasn't an administrator of the Recess Wiki.)
  • "I started to become iconic on late May 2019."
  • "Someday, I wanna be a bureaucrat on the Recess Wiki." (This quote was when I wasn't a bureaucrat of the Recess Wiki.)


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