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Under Chuckie's Bed Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 16a
Rugrats - Under Chuckies Bed
Under Chuckie's Bed
Original Airdate January 9, 1994
VHS release Bedtime Bash
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode Tommy and the Secret Club
Next Episode Chuckie is Rich

"Under Chuckie's Bed" is a episode of Rugrats from Season 3.

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Chas moves Chuckie from his crib to a regular bed . Soon Chuckie realizes that his new sleeping arrangement has something the crib doesn't... monsters underneath! Will he ever get a good night of sleep again?

- Description from Klasky Csupo


It starts with Chuckie asleep in his crib with his clothes on. He wakes up and talks about how great it is. Charles comes in, puts the glasses on Chuckie's face and tells him he will get a big surprise. He then carries Chuckie into the playpen with Tommy, Phil and Lil. Chas talks to Betty and Didi about helping build D.I.Y. furniture. Betty says she enjoys building things. The babies think something is wrong with Chuckie as he seems both happy and sleepy. He says he just got up from his favorite place: his crib. Meanwhile Chas is taking it apart while Betty and Didi are moving a mattress in. Didi is unsure it should be a surprise as Lipschitz says you need to talk to the child first. Phil and Lil say to Chuckie his crib is being taken away in pieces by the grownups. The babies run into Chuckie's room only to find a bed so Chuckie cries and screams.

That night, Chas puts him to bed and reassures him. Chuckie puts his glasses on and thinks he hears something scary and doesn't like being expected to sleep in a bed with no sides. Then he tries to fall  asleep but he hears a voice say "hi" and screams. Chas hears him screaming and comes to reassure him. He then puts Chuckie to bed again, who tries to reassure himself but it doesn't work. He hears the monster's voice again, and it says it has candy. Chuckie refuses and tells himself he is imagining the voice, and there's no such thing as monsters repeatedly. He then takes a look under his bed and sees what he thinks is a monster reaching for him.

The next morning Tommy is in the sandbox where Phil and Lil are burying Chuckie, who says the bed is terrible because it is too wide, doesn't have no sides and something else they won't believe but Tommy says they will. Chuckie tells his friends there's a monster under the bed and describes it. Tommy and Lil say monsters do exist but they live in caves and swamps. Angelica appears to say monsters do live under beds. Tommy states it is not true. Angelica begins telling the story of a boy named Barnaby Jones from a few blocks down, who thought it wasn't true until one night when he was reading and eating. A monster said it had cake and ice cream and then ate Barnaby. She then says you can only be safe under the covers, then sings Chuckie's going to get eaten by the monster under his bed. Lil says Angelica is a terrible singer but Tommy is determined that Chuckie will be OK and there's no monster. Didi suggests maybe Tommy should stay over. 

Chas puts Chuckie and Tommy to bed. They are relieved until Chuckie thinks he hears the monster again and ducks under the covers. Tommy says he must look under the bed. They both look but are scared as they think they see the monster, which alerts Charles. When Chas turns the lights on, the monster is revealed to really be Charles's sweater. He reassures the boys and leaves. Chuckie is now relieved that there is no monster after all and states he's starting to like his new bed. Then he falls out of the bed, now thinking that there still may be a few more problems.


Betty: (to Didi, over Chuckie's crying and screaming) Well, I guess the Chuckster found his surprise!


  • This episode marks the second time Angelica makes up a story to try and scare Tommy and Chuckie. The first being in "Down the Drain".
  • In this episode, Chuckie gets a new bed to replace his crib, but in previous episodes he has a bed. (For instance "The Odd Couple") this must be due to a continuity issue, or episodes set in the wrong order or it was made to take place before the episodes Chuckie slept in his bed.
  • This episode was released as part of Bedtime Bash.
  • Starting with this episode, the intro's color is more dark, with the exception of episode 57.
  • In this episode, Angelica tells the story of how "little Barnaby Jones" got eaten by monsters. His name is based on a detective series of the same name, which aired on CBS from January 1973 until 1980.
    • Also, in that scene, the comic book he has reading has what looks like a monster attacking Angelica.
  • Moral: It is the same from “Chuckie's First Haircut”. Face your fears.

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