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Ty McNulty
Also Known As Ty McNulty
Gender Male
Birth Date 1989
Age 2
Race Human
Occupation None
Interests Disturbing kids
Relatives Timmy McNulty, Teddy McNulty, Terry McNulty, Todd McNulty, Conan McNulty, Colleen McNulty
Friends Timmy McNulty, Todd McNulty, Teddy McNulty, Terry McNulty
Enemies Lil DeVille
Voice Actor E.G. Daily
Grey DeLisle
First Appearance The 'Lympics
Last Appearance Wash/Dry Story

Ty McNulty is one of the two McNulty identical twins. He's about 2 years old like his twin brother. Ty has brothers named Timmy, Terry, Todd (twin brother), and Teddy. He is voiced by E.G. Daily in The 'Lympics and Grey DeLisle.


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