Twister Rodriguez
Twister Rodriguez.png
Name Maurice Rodriguez
Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Raoul (father)
Sandy (mother)
Lars (brother)
Scotty and Clio (cousins)
Friends Otto Rocket
Reggie Rocket
Sam Dullard
Voiced by Ulysses Cuadra
Gilbert Leal
Age 11
43 (age in 2021)

Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez is one of the main characters from Rocket Power. He is Otto Rocket's best friend who is a "daredevil" on wheels. He does not like being called by his real name and is often teased by his older brother Lars. Twister is not very intelligent, but is a very good videographer.

Appearances in Rugrats

Twister's only official appearance in any Rugrats media was in the comic book story "Power Play!", published in the final issue of Rugrats Comic Adventures. In the story, he accompanies Otto and Reggie when Reggie is hired to babysit Tommy and Angelica Pickles.


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