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Tweenage Tycoons Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 4
All Grown Up Tweenage Tycoons.jpg
Tweenage Tycoons
Original Airdate September 13, 2003
VHS release Lucky 13
DVD release Lucky 13
Previous Episode Bad Kimi
Next Episode Truth or Consequences

"Tweenage Tycoons" is the fourth episode from Season 1 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


The Rats' favorite boy band, The Sulky Boys, is coming to town and tickets are $100 apiece! Knowing there is no way their parents will shell out for tickets, the Rats become mini-capitalists and begin to sell Dil's crazy inventions to their classmates.


Tommy and his friends want extremely bad to see a rock concert. They think they should sell stuff and therefore brainstorm ideas. Tommy then sees Dil wearing a belt with a fish in it. He makes up a name and goes to school to sell it.

After the principal wears it it loses its popularity. They don't have enough money so they ask Dil for another idea. Dil then come up with "glasses with a view!" By that time Angelica was taking their ideas and was getting more money than they were.

Dil starts acting differently and thus Tommy doesn't want to ask him for any more ideas. His friends won't stop asking him so he does, only to see that he was really starting to creep him out.

In the Pickles house, Charlotte comforts Angelica and explains to her that even if she has money for the concert, anything she purchased would be gathering dust from the back of her closet two weeks later. And in the other Pickles house, Dil tells Didi and Stu that he was losing his mojo and that he and Tommy are not going to the concert. Dil walks out, while Stu and Didi confront Tommy. Tommy apologizes to Dil, who accepts his apology.

The next day arrives, and Dil is back to normal while with Kimi. At the concert, Tommy, Dil, and friends (Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi) are cheering for The Sulky Boys, while Angelica confronts Tommy, who gets better seats than her, and his friends.


  • Ending Tagline: "Get your poos here!" - Harold
  • Nicole makes her debut in this episode, but her name is unstated until "Chuckie's in Love".
  • The Sulky Boys are a parody of The Backstreet Boys.


  • When Kimi says to Tommy that they are desperate, Lil's hair is the same color as Kimi's. But in the next scene, it's back to brown.

    See Lil's hair?

  • If Dil gave them the "Shillows" at the bus stop, how did they get a bunch at school later? And another thing, how did they get all of the things if they are saving? They cost money, too.
  • When Nicole was listening to what Lil was saying, her hair turns dark brown for 4 seconds, then it turns light brown again. She couldn't dye her hair once and again in 4 seconds.
  • There is one scene where Chuckie is not wearing his braces.
  • If Dil didn't like The Sulky Boys, then why was he at their concert at the end of the show? Also, wouldn't they need to get tickets months in advance for the concert? It seems like they bought the tickets a few hours before the concert.