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Tweenage Tycoons Gallery Transcript

We begin the fourth episode in Dil's room as we says goodbye to his new pet fish as he and Tommy have to go catch the bus to go to school.

Tommy: Were going to be late Dil how long is it going to take to say goodbye to your new fish?

Dil: A lift time.

Tommy: Don't worry he'll be here when you get back.

Dil: How do you know? (Dil said as he and Tommy walked out of his room)

Dil: (says goodbye to his fish in fish talk)


Later that day we see Chuckie finishing mowing someone's lawn while Tommy, Kimi, Phil and Lil where finishing wracking leafs.

Lil: When you said lets get jobs Tommy I was thinking of something a little more glamorous like perfume sprayer lady at the mall.

Kimi: Light up soon we'll be sitting at The Sulky Boys concert.

Lil: I sure hope so $100 bucks per ticket is a loot of work to come up with in 3 weeks. 

Angelica then walks up to them.

Angelica: So sad not even teenagers yet and already working for the man. 

Angelica: Don't worry I'll tell you about the once in a life time had to be there concert. Um you missed a spot. (she said to Kimi who was holding a weed wackier)

Kimi: Oh yeah I did didn't I. (starts chasseing Angelica way with the weed wackier)

Angelica: Ahh! (Angelica runs away)

Tommy: Now for the moment of truth. (Tommy starts adding up the money they made in his calculator)

Lil: What if we only end up making enough for some of the tickets.

Kimi: It's all or nothing agreed.

Kimi: So how many more jobs do we need Tommy?

Tommy: At this rate we only need one more mowing gig.

Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil cheer in excitement.

Tommy: Yeah main land Australia.

Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil: (disappointed sigh)

Dil then shows up wearing a belt with a fish in it .

Dil: Hey T almost done?

Tommy: Is that Pablo Your wearing?

Dil: Yep the long distance thing wasn't working for us. Kimi: Dil that has to be the most freakiest thing I have ever seen. Some kid on his bike notices Dil's fish belt and goes over to them.

Kid: Wow dude that's an awesome belt I would pay some serious con for that where can I get one?

Dil: If it's from Dil's mind it's one of a kind and it's not for sale.

Phil: In stores he means you can buy one directly from us. um later. (the kid gives them the thumps up and leaves) 

Dil: You guys this is a original.

Tommy: Well so is everything before it gets mass-produce and soled off to massacred consumers.

Chuckie: Where trying too make enough money to see JT, TJ, RJ and JR live.

Dil: I should worn uses those Sulky Boys are evil robots created by the government to brainwash the masses. How else can they dance so straggly and still have perfect hair.

Tommy: Noted. So what do you say little brother you going to help us out?

Dil: I'm a sucker for the hole sibling loyalty thing. (Dil and Tommy fist bump)

The next day at school we see Dil walking backwards showing off his fish belt too everyone all the kids all liked it. then Dil bumped into Vice Principal Pangborn.  

Principal Pangborn; That is the most amazing belt I've ever seen. As a former wrestler I seen a lot of belts.  

Principal Pangborn: I can in vote 10 pages to win alone.  

Dil looks at him with a confused look.  

Principal Pangborn: My article it's called embracing the inner child. And you my friend are activist A. But of course all names are changed to protect the innocent you know what I mean. Nails MiCles.  

Dil: Vary clever Hang corn I'm sure no one will Ever make the connection. (Dil said as he walked away from Pengborn)  

Meanwhile Outside Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil start selling Dil's fish belt invention.

Lil: Get your belt-quarium's here It's a belt and a pet in one. Some girls come up to bye one.

Nicole: Those belts are off the hook and this fish are totally my color I'll take two.

Nicole's friend: If she's buying I'm buying.

Nicole's other friend: Do fish come in all White? It's my Favorite color! soon a crowd shows up to buy all of the fish belts.

Later that day we see Dil in his bathing suit with his pet fish in his bathtub at his and Tommy's house.

Dil: Now for some quality time. (Dil pours his fishbowl in the tube)

Tommy: Dil I just wanted to say you are the man. we are all ready making more money with the belt-quarium's. How do you come up with this stuff? you are a genius.

Dil: Uh what was that T, I was under the water.

Tommy: I said your a genius.

next we cut to Angelica's house where we see her in her room listening to the Sulky Boys. her mom Charlotte walks in her room.

Charlotte: Turn it down People can hear it throw out the Tristate aura!

Angelica: I'm sorry mother (Angelica turns off the music) I had no idea it was at an inappropriate level, my you look pretty today and young.

Charlotte: Oh do you really think... (relies she wants something) What do you wont.

Angelica: How much money are you giving me for concert swag. 

Charlotte looks at her with a confused look.

Angelica: Shirts, posters, umbrellas anything with JT's face on it.

Charlotte: Considering your ticket cost a lot of money I think you should get it the old fashion way earning it.

Angelica: Like what?

Charlotte: (giggles) Angelica your smart you can think of something. be creative, imagistic or original.

Angelica gets an idea.

The next day at School Angelica copy's off of Dil's fish belt except it was not a belt and the fish were fake.

Angelica: Get your genuine hand made Aquarium-belts here in price soon.

Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil walk up to her upset that she is steeling their idea.

Tommy: Angelica your steeling are idea!

Chuckie: Hey these fish are fake! Other Kids are disappointed that Angelica rip them off.

Angelica: Um All the fun with that other belt with out the responsibility. After Angelica said that two girls came back and bought it.

Lil: We'll sue you Angelica maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but as soon as we learn how to sue someone.

Kimi: Save it guys the belt aquarium is officially over.

Tommy: What happened? (he asked Kimi)

Kimi: Pangborn happened.

Kids see Pangborn wearing the belt so they all get ride of there's and run off screaming.

Later that day we see Dil on the school bus as Tommy gets on and sits next to him.

Dil: Sorry about the belt-quarium's.

Tommy: Not your fault that Pangborn's a tern killer If he was around when clothes where invented we'll all be walking around butt naked.

Dil laughs at Tommy's joke

Tommy: Hey speaking of inventions we need you to come up with a new one nothing special just something that will be wildly popular that will fly off shelf's. Oh and we need it ASAP.

Dil: It doesn't exactly work like that T My mind is a mind of it's own it's ideas aren't pizzas I can't order up and they come thirty minutes or less.

Tommy gave Dil a disappointed look.

Dil: but don't worry bro I'll come up with something I promise. (Dil and Tommy fist bump) We then see Angelica and Harold under Tommy and Dil's set.

Harold: Ah it's discussing under here. (Harold said as he was trying to get someone's used gum of his hand)

Angelica: If you want to play dirty you got to be willing to get dirty. (the bus begins to move as someone's barf bag hits Angelica in the face)

Later at night time we see Dil in his room on his chair at his desk half a sleep trying to think of a new invention for Tommy to sale.

Dil: (Snoring until he got an idea) That's it (Takes off his sock and grabs his headphone) Talking socks, no one will hear them through their shoes. Come on think Dil think you can't let Tommy down. I got it Blinking underwear that no one will ever see. (Dil then puts his had back down in frustration)

In the morning we see Tommy, Stu and Didi sitting in the kitchen eating their breakfast then Dil comes in to show them his new invention to his brother and his parents.

Dil: Lady and Gentleman I have Invented another Dillitfly Dil Pickles original Shads with a view (puts them on Tommy) Ideal for long bus rids (the lens show a beach) Your sisters piano recitals (the next one shows a snowy area with a cottage) And boring family gatherings no offence family. 

Stu: None takin (takes the shads of Tommy and puts it on himself) I could use it when we visit Your Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lulu.

Tommy: You've out done yourself this time Dil you are the man bro.

Dil: Glad I can help (Tommy and Dil fist bump)

Outside the Pickles house in their backyard Angelica and Harold spying  On Tommy and Dil to steel there ideas.

Harold: I still don't feel right about steeling Dil's new idea.

Angelica: It's not steeling it's an omage it's heathy competition Now what are we omageing next.   

Harold looks through the Pickles kitchen window with his binoculars to see what the new invention was.

Harold: It looks like glasses with blank paper on the lenses or notes.

Angelica: Well that sounds pretty lame but he is the idea guy. Note glasses it is.(Angelica wrights it on a slip note)

Later that day at the Middle school Dil's new  invention is successfully as everyone bought it giving Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil more money to go to the concert.

Phil: Guys we already have enough for two tickets.

Lil: Yay!

Meanwhile at Angelica and Harold's stand no one came over to bye there rip off sunglasses. Angelica then takes a look at the glasses.

Angelica: Note glasses? Steller cold Harold.

Harold: Well next time You clime the Tree!

Now Back to Tommy and the other preteen's as they were giving more sunglasses to people Lil spots Principal Pangborn walking towards them.

Lil: Guys Pangborn alert abrasive monomer. (They all hide the sunglasses from Pangborn)

Principal Pangborn: Hit me with a pair of those shads.

Kimi: Sorry sir just sold out.

Principal Pangborn: Darn I'll try again tomorrow. (Pangborn leaves) 

Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil all sigh in relief.

After Pangborn left he want to the lunch room he sees Dil at a empty tubule so he walks up to him.     

Dil: Good afternoon Mr. Pangborn sir. (Dil said with a tiered voice)     

Principal Pangborn: Sir no hang corn no sarcastic remark no good nature living. Don't go normal on me now activist I need material. I'm almost done my paper but I need something really juicy to bring it on home. What have you done for me lately.     

Dil: Today I experimented in waking the class frontwards, warring matching socks and drinking milk without breadcrumbs in it.     

Meanwhile outside things begin to go wrong as Kids are bumping into each other, trashcans, one kid even ridded his bike into someone.     

Chuckie: These shads should be registered as lethal weapons.

Kimi: Lets quit before there's a recall.

Phil: But where one and a half tickets away can't we just slap a disclaimer on them that says do not use while moving.

They then here someone scream.

Tommy: To late a cheerleader just accidently hugged a chest club player It's all over.     

Phil: It's not over until the fat lady sings you have to get Dil to come up with something new.

Tommy: No sweat Dil's a lean mean ideal machine wind him up and watch him go.

Later that day at the Pickles backyard we see Dil laying there watching grass grow. Tommy then come out side to see what Dil was doing.

Tommy: Dil what are you doing watching the grass grow?

Dil: That plat over there is a vastest.

Tommy: I've never seen you sit still before. Anyway we need a brilliant idea from you work your magic and get me something lets say first thing in the morning.

Dil: But...

Tommy: We only got three more days left so get your game on. You bagged some serious love for saving are butts. 

Tommy: solid.

Dil puts a half smile and gives Tommy a fist bump. Tommy then goes inside the house.

Dil: Solid as a snowman in a Sahara.

We then cut to Dil's room as Dil looks for something to make for Tommy and the rest.

Dil: What do you think Pavlov (takes a ball and a rubber band and puts it around the ball) Rubber ball? No okay then. ( Dil then takes a wallpaper and Glue and sticks it to his wall)

Dil: What about this Manassas wallpaper (Dil sticks it to his wall but it slides down) No, No, No, No this isn't working ( he then looks at his fish) Don't give me that look I'm having serious inventers block here. No I can't quit that's not an option I can't let Tommy down (Tommy then walks by his bedroom door that was open and he listens to what Dil was saying to his fish) You heard the praise the acetate the applause okay maybe there wasn't any actual applause but in my mined I hared clapping so you going to help me or not? I see well next time your in a vine don't come swimming to me. 

Tommy looks at his brother with a concern look on his face.

Later we see Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil waiting at the bus stop.        

Kimi: Are you sure Dil will be able to think of something?       

Tommy: Dil gave his word he will come up with something so he will.       

Dil then shows up warring pillows on his feet,        

Phil: Watch you got?       

Dil: Shellows (Dil points to his feet) Pillow shoes for the ultimate walking experience.       

Lil: That's... interesting. (Lil said unsure of it)       

Some girl walked up and saw Dil's pillow shoes.        

Girl: I'll take two. these shoes are styling but I have five toes not one big pointy one. (preferring to her high heels)        

Dil takes his Shellows off and gives it to the girl as he goes in his book bag and grabs his regular shoes as the girl puts the Shellows on her feet.       

Girl: Much better. (she gives Dil money) you got anymore of these? (she said as she walks a way)        

Phil: We will.       

Chuckie: Way to go Dil.                

Lil: Yay.       

Kimi: Shellows are awesome.       

Tommy: Consider yourself my hero little bro. (Tommy and Dil fist bump) Ha, ha, ha, You get all that Angelica there called Shellows Shoes with pillows.       

Angelica come creeping up behind a bush, tape reordering every thing Tommy just said.           

Angelica: Got it. (she said with an evil smark)       

Later at school all the kids bought the shellows from Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil and Lil while Angelica and Harold still got nothing.

Tommy: We are just one ticket away from getting seriously sulky. (Tommy and Chuckie high-five each other)

Chuckie: And thanks to the great marketing the Angelica copy marketing is zero.

We see no one going to buy Angelica's ripoff one's.

Angelica: Who needs pillows with shoes when you can have shoes with pillows.

Harold puts up a sign that says Poos

Harold: Get your Poos here nothing feels better on your foot then a nice soft poo. 

Kids left with discuss.

Angelica: You are so fired. (Angelica hits him with a pillow)

Meanwhile back to the others we see them looking disappointed as no more kids came to bye their Shellows we also see Kimi grab one of the school papers as she walks back to her friends.

Kimi: Bad news you guys according to the school papers on what's hot and what's not, as of five minutes ago Shellows are what's not.

Chuckie: That's got to be a new record. in and out in just one day.

Phil: Back to the Dilling bored.

Tommy: No I think we should come up with something on are own this time. Come on guys we got five brains here.

All of them try to think of something.

Phil: I got it an entire line of closes for your pens and pencils. T-shirt, pants, sweater, shoe.

Chuckie, Kimi and Lil: Dil it is. (They all look at Tommy)

Tommy: I don't want to ask him I think he's starting to feel the preacher.

Chuckie: Well so are we.

Kimi: It's not like we're asking him to do something hard just be him self 

Tommy: That's just it he's not being himself.

Lil: He must have one idea left.

Tommy: Yeah I guess but...

Phil: Come on your his big brother you can talk him in to anything he practically warships you.

Kimi: It's all up to you Tommy so what do you say.

They all look at Tommy with smiles on there faces hoping he'll get Dil to make one more invention Tommy then gives them a fake smile as deep down he didn't want to make Dil do it.

The next day We hear The Sulky Boys music playing in Dil's room and we see Dil has a new look he is now warring a different outfit he has his hair in a different way and his room is completely clean and not a mess like it was before.

Dil: Your apology charts (starts mumbling a the song)

Tommy then walks in to his younger brother's room and he is shock to see his room clean and the way Dil looks as well.

Tommy: Ah um I never seen the floor of your room before. And why are you listening to the Sulky Boys you don't like them remember.

Dil: Dil fines the repetitive lyrics a certain calling of that great song. how did the Shellows work out?

Tommy shakes his head.

Dil: So new idea right. wait I got it a cabinets for peoples files.

Tommy: You mean uh file cabinets?

Dil: Oh yeah. I got it Wight sticky stuff that holds junk together.   

Tommy: Glue. seriously Dil don't worry about it I'll think of something.

Dil: No, no, no, no, no I'll get right on it. As soon as I organize my socks.

Later that day at school we see Dil in Principal Pangborn's office.

Dil: You wanted to see Dil.

Principal Pangborn: Yeah for weeks now you've been acting different.

Dil: Different how sir?

Principal Pangborn: I don't know different as in normal. That's it You've been acting normal except for preferring to yourself in a third person chat.

Principal Pangborn: I think I put to much presser on you Pickles, I've embracing the inner child I put him in a dabble twisting headlock of dome so embracing the inner child, Embrace this. ( he puts the paper in the shredder) There all your worries and my career improvement are over Your no longer activist A so is everything back to being not normal. (Dil begins to frowned) That wasn't it huh. Well how should I say this. Now what else is eating at your soul kid spill it.

Pangborn puts his feet on his desk and revealed to be warring Dil's Shellows.

Meanwhile at lunch we see the five pre-teen rugrats trying Phil's idea as they await for Dil's. Chuckie, Phil and Lil on one side and Tommy and Kimi on the other.

Phil: Till now they been naked so be the first one's on your block to dress your pens and pencils. 

Some girls walk by and laugh at them.

Tommy: It's official we reached an all time lame. 

Chuckie: It's not that bad we still have enough for four to five tickets. Lets just draw straws. 

Kimi: Absolutely not It's all or none that was the deal.

Phil: We worked are butts off for three weeks for nothing. 

Lil: We could always planed B it.

Tommy: You mean ask Dil?

Kimi: sorry Tommy, but were despite can you ask him to make one more please Tommy.

Tommy:I'll go ask him. (Tommy walks away to go ask Dil to make them one more invention)

We cut back to Dil who is still in Pangborn office as he is eating pizza for lunch.

Principal Pangborn: So from what you told me from recounting every minute of the past few weeks by forcing you to be creative man your friends sucked the Dil Pickles right out of you time to call in quits.

Dil: It's not that easy Tommy is the only big brother I got and he's so proud of me I hate to let him down.

Principal Pangborn: That's were your wrong about Pickles, Pickles Your not letting him down he's letting you down.

A little bit later that school day we see Dil walking backwards in the hallway and drinking tomato juice and as he is walking backwards he accidentally bumps into Tommy.

Tommy: I've been looking all over for you we got an emergency situation Dil just give me the first idea you got and I'll find away to work with it.

Dil: Okay this is what I got. (He hands him a piece of paper)

Tommy: A latter of resonation how I'm I supposed to market this.

Dil: A little slow on the update there aren't we let me make it easier for you. I Quit!

Tommy: You can't quit the concert is this weekend if you don't deliver we can't raise enough money to go.

Dil: Sorry Tommy I can't be bottle and souled I'm not ketchup.

Tommy: Thanks A Lot Dil, Now None of us can go to the concert Are you HAPPY NOW!!! (Tommy said angrily putting the paper to Dil's chest and walking away)   

Dil: No anything but happy.

Later that day we go to Angelica's room where we see her looking at her failed rip-offs of Dil's inventions. her mom Charlotte then walks by and sees her sad.

Charlotte: What's wrong sweetheart? 

Angelica: I have no money for concert swag and I'm stuck with all this useless junk.

Charlotte: Even if you had money for stuff with JT's face on it Two weeks from now it would be gathering dust behind your closet. (Charlotte walks away)

Angelica looks at all the stuff she tried to copy Dil with and then looks at a pitcher with JT and gets an idea.

Later at the Pickles (Tommy and Dil's) house the Pickles family are having dinner it's pretty quite accept for Tommy who was aggressively chowing.

Stu: Is every thing okay Tommy?

Didi: I thought you would be excited to be going to the concert tomorrow?  

Tommy: I'm not going to the stupid concert!

Stu: Why not that's all you kids been talking about for weeks?

Dil: It's because of me. I was supposed to come up with something that Tommy could sell But had a major meltdown and lost my mojo and the truth is I couldn't come up with another idea even if I wanted to. Mom, Dad I'm not really hungry okay. (Dil walks away and goes to his room)

Stu and Didi give Tommy disappointed look as Tommy also is disappointed at himself. Tommy then walks up to Dil's room.

Dil: Dil's not here. (Dil said under his bed with his pet fish) 

Tommy: (Looks under Dil's bed) Can I come under. (Tommy goes under Dil's bed as Dil turns away) Dil this is all my fault I saw the sighs you were cracking under pressure but I was in denial I got so obsessed with going to that dumb concert I guess I didn't care. I'm a bad big brother and I'm a sorry one too.

Dil: It's okay Tommy I just wanted you to be proud of me.

Tommy: Always have been and always will be. (Tommy and Dil fist bump)

The Next day we see Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil, and Lil at the Java Lava. 

Kimi: I'm guessing your back to normal A Dil. 

Lil: And you forgive us. 

Dil: Yep and Yep. I'm sure The Sulky Boys evil oncotic Robot powers have turned many friends against each other. But I still feel bad use wont get to see them. 

Lil: It's okay I'm sure Angelica will tell us all about it. 

All six of them sigh. 

Chuckie: I'm just glad we don't have to sell anymore merchandise I have the whole rest of my life to work at a job I don't like. 

Tommy: If I ever have to see another Shellows or belt-quarium again it will be to soon. 

Nicole: Hey guys 

All of a sudden Nicole shows up warring all the stuff Tommy and them soled.    

Tommy: Ugh! 

Nicole: Have anymore fish belts? 

Lil: Ah Nicole take it off quick it went out of style three weeks ago. 

Nicole: That's an eternity in fab time now there so old there retro and retro's in.    

Tommy and the rest get an idea and get enough tickets to the concert. 

Later that night at the concert The Sulky Boys are on stage and ready to sing and we hear the crowed cheering and chanting their names.        

JT: (Singing) One.        

TJ: (Singing) Plus two.        

RJ: (Singing) Will turn back at the square rot of three-hundred and twenty four.        

JR: (Singing) Divided by three too the third power.       

JT: (Singing) equals Tw-o-o-o-o.        

All four of them: (Singing) Just me and You.         

We then hear Angelica screaming out JT's name in the crowed.        

Angelica: I LOVE YOU JT!!        

Harold: Can you worn a person! By the way you never told me were did you the free for all the extras?         

Angelica: New marketing strategy.        

Harold sees the people warring the stuff that failed except it has JT's face on them. In a row in front of Angelica, Tommy With Dil and Kimi beside him along with Chuckie, Phil and Lil all stand up in front of her blocking her view.            

Angelica: Hey!       

Tommy: What up players.       

Angelica: How did you peons get better seats then me!       

Kimi: The belt-quarium made a comeback. (Kimi points to Chuckie who was warring one)        

Chuckie: We got loaded with are left over stock so. (Chuckie said as The Sulky Boys still singing in the background)           

Some kid came up to Dil to ask about his shirt.       

Kid: That shirt is totally awesome where did you get it?       

Dil: It's a Dil Pickles original.       

Dil and Tommy: And It's not for sale.       

The Sulky Boys end their song as we fade out.       

The End.          

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