Turtle Recall Gallery Transcript
Season 4 Episode 14b
Turtle Recall
Original Airdate November 8, 1997
DVD release Season 4
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"Turtle Recall" is a Season 4 episode of Rugrats.

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The Rugrats attempt to rescue a pet-store turtle and return it to its lost "father" -- a water fountain. - Description from Klasky Csupo


Stu and Chas with their sons and the DeVille twins arrive at a large department store called Home Heaven. Stu needs sand paper while Chas wants to buy a new cheese fondue set. While Chas tries to find cheese fondue sets in the directory, the babies see a lawn fountain that features a turtle spouting the water. The babies like the fountain and the turtle and spit to imitate the turtle until Chas finds where they need to go.

After going downstairs in an elevator, Stu starts to pay attention to the college football game on the TVs in the electronics section. Chas can't snap Stu out of it so he asks Stu to watch the babies while he goes to get his fondue set. With Chas gone and Stu busy, the babies go exploring off on their own.

The babies find the pet section and look at the animals. Phil and Lil try to eat snakes (believing that they're giant worms) while Tommy plays with a puppy. Chuckie sees a turtle and thinks he's lost, scared, and depressed. The babies conclude the fountain they saw earlier is the turtle's daddy and decide to reunite them, not realizing the fountain statue isn't alive. Using a pooper scooper they get the turtle out of the aquarium and try to make their way back to the elevator.

Meanwhile, Chas returns to the electronics section and notices that the kids are gone! Stu and Chas quickly notify security, and an announcement goes out over the loudspeakers about the missing babies. After Chuckie hides the turtle in a shoe, only to promptly rescue it before a customer tries it on, a nearby security guard notices the babies and attempts to approach them. The group flees and make it back to the elevator, which the security guard crashes into, and manage to get it to go up to the ground level.

Once there, Stu, Chas, and the security guard all try to stop the babies. Tommy, Phil, and Lil are snatched up, but Chas trips and his fondue box hits the fountain accidentally, bending it a little. Chuckie is able to reach the fountain and put the turtle in the water.

In Chas' backyard, Chas is disgruntled about being made to purchase the fountain after his fondue box damaged it. Stu says it's a nice fountain and points out the kids love it. The adults don't seem to have noticed the turtle is still in the fountain water. The babies are glad they reunited the turtles, and the real turtle imitates the stone turtle spouting water.



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