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Truth or Consequences Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 5
Truth or Consequences Title Card.jpg
Truth or Consequences
Original Airdate November 29, 2003
DVD release Lucky 13
Previous Episode Tweenage Tycoons
Next Episode Chuckie's in Love

"Truth or Consequences" is a Season 1 episode of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


Tommy becomes excited when he learns about an upcoming film contest that is going to be judged by his favorite director, Martin Costomiris. His parents, Didi and Stu, encourage him to enter, but Tommy is unsure of what kind of movie he wants to make. Eventually he decides on a sci-fi thriller about aliens, starring his friends. However, he quickly becomes frustrated by his friends' constant bickering and unprofessionalism. He realizes that filming his friends’ secret conversations is more film worthy than his first idea.

When reviewing the footage, Dil tells Tommy that he does not think that entering the footage about their friends’ secrets would be a very good idea. Angelica comes over one day, demanding to see the tape when Tommy is not home. Dil barred her way, whom she taped with Christmas tape and sat him on a swivel chair. When she sees the tapes, she calls over the whole gang to watch it, who except for Chuckie and Dil, are all outraged that Tommy would consider entering their private moments into the competition. Tommy refuses to destroy the tape and his friends storm out, only Kimi came back just to collect Dil on the swivel chair. The friends, except Chuckie and Dil, give Tommy the cold shoulder for the next couple of days. The film Tommy enters for the competition, "A Day before the Day of the Life of My Friends", features bloopers from his earlier attempt at making a movie and clips of the gang as babies. Tommy did not win the competition but he got a picture with his favorite director and he got his friends back.

Meanwhile, Vice Principal Pangborn wants to spend more time observing Dil’s behavior as he finds it disturbing. However, his attempts to delve into Dil’s mind using traditional methods are frustrating. Pangborn calls Stu and Didi into his office and tells them that he recommends Dil have some counselling. Didi is outraged that Pangborn would consider changing her son into a generic boy without any originality. She praises Dil for seeing the world differently and storms out, leaving Pangborn cowering behind a file shelf. At the award presentation, Pangborn apologizes to Dil for observing and trying to change him. He protests when Dil offers to "check up on him" every once in a while.


  • (Doing a very bad acting job)

Phil: You found the report? Lil: Our creator is not from here?

  • (Lil, Chuckie, & Tommy howl like dogs; Phil moos)

Chuckie: Phil, we're trying to get the dogs barking, not summoning some cows in Idaho.

  • (After watching Tommy's video)

Angelica(Gasps) Savannah can't see this! I'll never get an invite to the party I wouldn't be caught dead at.

  • (In Pangborn's office)

Pangborn: Let's try a word-association experiment: I'll say a word; you respond with the first thing that comes to mind. Hot. Dil: Hot. Pangborn: Cold. Dil: Cold. Pangborn: Stop it. Dil: Stop it. Pangborn: You're supposed to give me a new word, not the same one I gave you! Dil: You asked me to say the first word that came to mind. And when you say "hot," the first word I think of is, well... "hot." Pangborn(Growls) Get out! No session tomorrow. Instead, I want to see the people responsible for your existence. (Rips his suit at the back) Dil(Tries to open door) It's stuck. Pangborn(Kicks door down) Now it's not.

  • (In Pangborn's office)

Pangborn: I've been observing you, Pickles, and I must say I find your behavior disturbing. Dil: Tell me more. Pangborn: This past week I've noticed you eating exclusively green foods, hopping to class on one foot, and wearing your clothes inside out. What does that tell you, son? Dil: That you have a lot of free time on your hands? Pangborn(Growls) This is a standard psychological Rorschach test: I show you an inkblot; you tell me what you see. (Holds up an inkblot) Dil: A Rorschach test. Pangborn(Growls) Now, what do you see? (Holds up another inkblot) Dil: Uh, a medieval castle, hundreds of angry villagers, a raging moat, a fire-breathing dragon, and a honey-baked ham. (Pangborn bangs his head against his desk repeatedly)

  • Chuckie: What's the matter? Afraid you'll miss The Dummy Bears?

Kimi: I told you not to tell anyone, you big mouth! Chuckie: I didn't. BUT MAYBE NOW I WILL!

  • Phil & Lil: We have de-programmed the specimen.

Angelica: Shame on you, bad aliens. As your beautiful and benevolent queen, I order you to release him - Tommy: Angelica! For the hundredth time, say your lines as written! Angelica: HELLO? How can I be loved by millions if I play an evil, nasty alien? I wanna play a nice alien, NICE! Now get that through your thick skull, or I'm walkin'! Tommy: You're right, what was I thinking casting you as the evil villain? Angelica: That better not be sarcasm.

  • (The twins see Dil walk down the hall on his hands)

Phil: I wonder what Dil would be like if we never dropped him on his head... (Lil shrugs)

  • Phil: On a scale of one to ten, how mad would mom be if I got a D+ on the math test?

Lil: Ten being the highest? (Phil nods head yes) Lil: A gazillion eighty-five.

  • Lil: Gross! You farted in here!

Phil: No, you did that, Lilian! Lil: It is biologically impossible for girls to fart!

  • Tommy: ... Or maybe a musical...

(Imagining) All: (In circle) Don't have the neighbor... Tommy: (Out of imagining) Nah.

  • Angelica: Don't be a chump, Chuckie. I did the dirty work. It's up to you to get rid of the body.

(Dil gets up) Angelica: What are you doing? Dead people don't get up and walk around! Dil: They do if they have to pee.

  • Tommy: (Rolling camera) Sometimes you can find beauty in the most unexpected places.

(Angelica comes on screen and hits window)

  • Tommy: I know what to do! I'm a little concerned that I just had a conversation with a poster... but I'll worry about that later.


  • The scene at the beginning where Tommy films the paper bag is supposedly a reference to the movie American Beauty. In the episode, Tommy says "you can find beauty in the strangest places", and Ricky from the film says that his movie is "the most beautiful thing I've ever filmed".
  • This episode reveals Tommy first recorded footage at 37 months, or a little more than 3 years old.
  • It is revealed that Kimi is still into the Dummi Bears.
  • Didi believes that Dil's weirdness comes from Stu's side of the family, while Phil and Lil believe that it comes from them dropping him on the head as a baby.
  • This is the first episode where Susie is mad at Tommy, while usually she gets mad at Angelica.
  • Ending Tagline: "It is biologically impossible for girls to fart." - Lil
  • When Tommy is filming his movie for the contest, Phil and Lil are using the same shirt that Betty wore regularly in Rugrats.
  • This is the first episode that shows the gang at younger ages, yet older than they were in Rugrats. Although Chuckie and Kimi were shown as 2 to 3 and 1 to 2-year-olds, respectively.
  • The episode reveals that Howard gets nosebleeds twice a month.
  • Here, Betty is a little superstitious, as she fears that an eccentricity in Mercury's orbit means that odd occurrences will happen.


  • In the basketball clip, Chuckie's sweatshirt turns into a t-shirt.
  • At the bus stop, Chuckie's shirt changes from green to blue.
  • When Chuckie says "Well you make disgusting noises when you eat!", his hand disappears in 1-2 seconds.
  • Before everyone watches the film, Kimi's leggings have a lack of coloring.