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Also Known As Trevor
Gender Male
Birth Date October 8, 1989
Age 12
Race Human
Occupation Student
Interests Dressing up as people.
Relatives Unknown
Friends Tommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster
Enemies Tommy Pickles (Once)
Voice Actor Cameron Bowen
First Appearance "Memoirs of a Finster" (2004)
Last Appearance "Bad Blood" (2008)

Trevor is an one-time character in All Grown Up!. He is voiced by Cameron Bowen.


Trevor is an 12 year old boy who is known as snobby, innocent (near the end of the episode), and a boy who tries to be a new person he sees.  He originally tried to be Tommy, but that didn't work out too well when Tommy bested him in the identity crisis.


Tommy Pickles

Trevor at first ,was enemies with Tommy, until he explained the whole identity crisis in "Memoirs of a Finster"

Chuckie Finster

Chuckie knows Trevor and even asks him if he would like to go trick-or-treating with him for Halloween, in "TP+KF". He denies Chuckie's offer and proceeds to ask Tommy instead. He was also impressed with Chuckie's stalling performance in "Bad Blood".


  • When Trevor comes clean about being being his real self, he then copies Kimi's Japanese traditional clothing.
  • In "Bad Blood", his hair seems to be blonde.
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