Season 1 Episode 3
Tree's a crowd title card.png
Tree's a Crowd
Original Airdate UK: July 27, 2005

US: November 30, 2008

DVD release Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Beanstalk
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Tree's A Crowd is an third episode of Rugrats Pre-School Daze Season 1. 

Characters Present


The class performs an amusing take on George Washington's adventures with the cherry tree and crossing the Delaware River. But, Angelica gets jealous when she's the tree and her sweetheart, Matthew, is George Washington, with Savannah playing the part of Martha Washington.


In order to impress a preschool magazine, Dr. Yeskel decides the class should put on a play of "George Washington and the Cherry Tree." When Savannah convinces Angelica to play the part of the tree (so she can be Martha to Matthew's George), Angelica sets out to upstage the production. Theatrical chaos ensues until Susie wows the audience with her impromptu musical numbers.


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