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Season 5 Episode 2
All Grown Up - Trading Places
Trading Places
Original Airdate November 23, 2007
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Trading Places is an second episode from Season 5 of All Grown Up!.

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Most of the gang (Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Dil) are watching a reality television show called "Trading Places", at Chuckie and Kimi's house. Kimi arrives to the residence, and she is seen checking the mail as if she's expecting something. She is dissapointed when she realizes that it's nothing but junk mail. Chuckie calls Kimi over to watch the show with them, however she angrily refuses to. Lil is puzzled by Kimi's very odd behavior and asks Chuckie what's bothering her. Chuckie does haven't a clue as to why Kimi is upset, and they all return to watching the show. Chas and Kira fib that they are taking ballroom dancing lessons, not revealing their actual intentions, and leave out of the house.

At school the next day, Kimi is sent to the Principal’s office for writing an inappropriate obscene poem in class. Kimi refuses to explain herself, and Principal Pangborn calls Chuckie to his office, in an attempt to figure out Kimi's behavior. Chuckie believes he's being called in for accidents he's caused recently all across the school, to which Prinicpal Pangborn punishes Chuckie for. Chuckie says he doesn't know why Kimi is acting the way she is. Principal Pangborn tells Chuckie to walk Kimi home. Chuckie wonders if he needs to look out for his little sister more, as he knows something is bothering her. Chuckie tries to talk to Kimi as they are walking home, but she brushes him off.

When they arrive home, the mailman is seen delievering the mail. Once again, Kimi searches through the mail, and is dissapointed when it is again nothing but junk mail. Kimi goes off on the mailman, berating him as to why he keeps giving them junk mail. She then runs in the house. Now, Chuckie is just surprised by his little sister. Chuckie again tries to talk to Kimi, but she is not giving into him. Chuckie, although still not sure what is bothering Kimi, remembered that Kimi mentioned she hated the way her bedroom looked, and all the childish stuff she has. He decides that he and the rest of the gang should secretly makeover Kimi's bedroom by surprise, just as if they were on the "Trading Places" show. Chas and Kira leave the house, fibbing once more that they are going to dance lessons, and while Kimi is away, Chuckie and the rest start to makeover Kimi's bedroom, and come up with impractical design ideas. Angelica arrives during this time, and they explain the plan to her, and she immediately decides to get on board. Kimi unexpectedly arrives to the house, and Angelica helps out by going out to lunch with Kimi, whom Kimi recently invited Angelica out anyways, so their secret plan isn't ruined.

As Chuckie and the rest continue to makeover Kimi's bedroom, while Kimi and Angelica are out at lunch, Angelica accidentally injures herself at the restaurant, and Kimi takes her to the hospital. While they are at the hospital, Kimi sees a big family together, and she finally decides to admit why she's feeling upset.

Kimi tells Angelica that "Children's Day", a Japanese holiday to where parents and ancestors honor their children and younger generation, was last week. Kimi is depressed and concerned, that her estranged father Hiro, didn't bother to send her a Children’s Day present in the mail like he does everywhere, and she also starts to feel upset over the fact she isn't updated in his life, as he recently had a child with his new wife and Kimi would like to be more involved. Kimi explains the situation more to Angelica, and Angelica comforts Kimi as she cries. 

When Kimi arrives home, Chuckie reveals Kimi's new bedroom, which Kimi in shock and distress says she hates. Thus making the gang feel like idiots. Chuckie finds Kimi in the garage and explains to her that he did that, as he wanted to make her feel happy. Kimi tells him that getting rid of all her of things, and changing her bedroom was not the way to do it. Kimi then reveals to Chuckie why she's upset, and Chuckie listens to her situation and is happy to have her as a sister.

Chas and Kira soon arrive to the house, and shockingly Hiro and his new wife is with them holding their baby daughter in her arms. Kimi reunites with her father, and she gets her "Children's Day" present; a new baby sister! Kimi holds her baby sister Kiki in her arms, feeling happy. Chas confesses to Chuckie that he and Kira have been helping Hiro find a place for him and his family to live and were not actually taking dance lessons, to which Chuckie is relieved. Chas decides to celebrate by putting some music on which makes Chuckie gasp when he remembers what he did to his dad’s record collection. When Chas finds them, he freaks out.


  • Chuckie: Welcome to your hip, new, swiggerous pad! So, what do you think?

  • Phil: (to Angelica) You're lookin' at 'em, Mamacita. (poses as Angelica glares at him)


  • Children's Day, although not really observed in North America where Rugrats is set, is an event practiced in many different cultures and countries around the world, to where children, or younger generations of a culture are appreciated. With Japan in particular, it is very important. So this meant a lot for Kimi.
  • Goof: Chuckie accidentally paints the front of Phil's white shirt yellow, but the paint disappears later in the episode.
    • Similarly, Dil is covered in purple paint, but some time later, it's gone.
  • In this one episode, Angelica had not one, but two in-the-mouth camera shots, making her have the most in the All Grown Up! series.
  • Kimi's biological father, step mother, and half-sister all appear in this single episode.
  • Dil gets hooked on "Feng Shui" in this episode. He and the other Rugrats enjoyed this in "Fun Way Day," when the Java Lava was introduced.
  • When Chas uses the ballroom dancing excuse, he dances with Kira and always injures her by stepping on her foot.
  • It is revealed that Chas has a rare record collection. This was first mentioned in the Rugrats episode "Chuckie's Wonderful Life".
  • Dil while going through Chas' record collection, asks Chuckie if he could have one of the records, which incidentally happens to be a Captain and Tennille album, that Dil specifically mentions and points out being a fan of. This is an actual music group.
  • Dil gets locked in the bathroom by the others when he keeps bugging them with "Feng Shui" facts.
  • When Hiro visits the house, Dil is still locked in the bathroom. He was probably released soon after Chas discovered Chuckie ruined his rare record collection.
  • According to Kimi, her father has sent her a present every year for Children's Day
  • This episode is named after the show the gang watches, "Trading Places."
  • Phil was able to construct a table for Kimi.
  • Pangborn reveals that he has two masters degree in child psychology.
  • Ending Tagline: "We can make accent pillows." - Tommy


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