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Season 8 Episode 8b
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Trading Phil
Original Airdate April 6, 2002
VHS release Mysteries
DVD release Season 8
Complete Series
Previous Episode Cynthia Comes Alive
Next Episode Murmur on the Ornery Express

"Trading Phil" is a Season 8 episode of the show Rugrats.

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Angelica tries to fit in with some older 4-year old girls and learns they want to play with a "real baby". So she lets them have their pick of the Rugrats and they choose Phil. Angelica makes the babies a deal that she'll be nice to them forever if Phil decides to play with her and the big kids. Will she keep her end of the bargain? - Description from Klasky Csupo


The episode begins at the park, where Dil is watching Spiffy. Lou tells Dil that soon Spiffy will be a trained dog, as he promised Stu that he'd teach Spiffy to be an obedient dog like he did with Spike. He figures it won't be too hard if Spiffy is half as smart as his father. Lou then tells Spiffy to sit, but Spiffy chases his tail instead. Lou then tells Dil that Spiffy must take after Fifi.

Kimi asks Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil what they want to do. Chuckie suggests watching birds, picking dandelions, and talking to nice bugs. Phil then looks over at a water spout over a patch of mud, and suggests they play mud pie factory. Tommy, Chuckie, Lil, and Kimi all cheer in approval upon hearing this. Tommy suggests that Lil and Kimi get the dirt, Chuckie can add the water, he will stir, and Phil will pat. Lil asks Tommy why Phil gets to be the patter, and Tommy tells her that Phil's the best at it. Phil then tells Lil that either you have it, or you don't.

A bored Angelica eats a cookie, then looks over at two four-year old girls; one with white skin and red hair, and the other with dark skin. The former is playing with a globby, and the latter is playing with a baby doll. She tells the babies that she's going to play with the cool kids. Lil asks Angelica if she should wear a jacket, but Angelica tells her those kids aren't cool as in "Cold", but rather cool as in "popular", as they're four years old. Tommy then Angelica that she must be "warm", because she's only three years old. Angelica tells Tommy that she may look like a three-year-old, but inside, she's a four-year-old.

Angelica walks up to the four-year-old girls and asks if she can play with them. The girl with red hair asks Angelica if she ever caught a globby before, and Angelica pretends to act like she knows all about them, and that she can catch them with her ears closed. The girl with red hair tosses the globby, and Angelica tries to catch it, but doesn't get a good grip on it, and it falls to the ground. The two girls laugh, and the girl with red hair asks if she's really three years old. Angelica tells the girl with red hair that the wind was in her eyes. The two girls laugh as Angelica walks away, then they look over at a baby in a stroller. They think he is cute, and the girl with dark skin wishes they had a real baby to play with. Upon hearing this, Angelica looks over at Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi and decides to take advantage of the situation. She tells the four-year-old girls that she not only has a real baby, but a whole bunch of them.

Meanwhile, Lou sets Spiffy down and tells him to sit one last time. Spiffy barks instead, and Lou tells him to speak. Spiffy then sits, and Lou tells him to lay down. Spiffy pants, and Lou shows him how to lay down. Dil thinks this is fun, and lays down himself. Lou tells Dil that he didn't have to do that, and Spiffy licks his face.

Meanwhile, Chuckie dumps the dirt into a bucket of water, and Tommy stirs it with his screwdriver, creating mud. Phil then reaches into the bucket and shapes the mud into a pie. He sniffs it, and is pleased with his work. Angelica walks up to the babies and asks the four-year-old girls if they see any of them they like. Unfortunately, the girls find flaws in the babies; Lil's head is too round, Kimi's hairdo is funny, Chuckie's shoes are too untied, and Tommy's feet are too pointed in. They then see Phil and think he's cute. Angelica asks the girls who they mean, and the girl with red hair points at Phil. Angelica is shocked that they picked Phil, but then says that Phil is her most popular baby. She tries to pick him up, but he objects. Angelica then tells the girls that it'll just take a minute to get him to cooperate. The girls walk away, and Angelica tells Phil to get over to her. She then nicely says to him that the girls picked him over every other baby in the world, as they think he's the best. Phil then tells her to tell the girls that they have nice hair, but he'd rather continue playing mud pie factory. Angelica tries to drag Phil along, but he refuses to go, and asks why he should help her. Angelica tells Phil, "Cause I said so!". Tommy tells Angelica that it won't work on him this time, as Phil shouldn't have to go with her if he doesn't want to. Besides that, he's necessary for their mud pie factory, as he's their best patter. Chuckie, Lil, and Kimi all agree, and Angelica looks over at the four-year-old girls.

Angelica walks up to the girls and tells them that they need Phil for their Mud Pie Factory, but she'd like to convince them to play with the girl with red hair's globby instead. The girl with red hair is glad to oblige, as she and the girl with dark skin would rather have a baby than a globby any day. She gives Angelica her globby, and Angelica walks back to the babies, telling them they can have a globby if they give her Phil, telling them they're getting the better end of the deal. Tommy tells Angelica that they still want to keep Phil. Angelica then asks the babies what they'd think of her promising to be nice to them forever. Phil looks over at Tommy, Chuckie, Lil, and Kimi, and realizing they've been through a lot with Angelica, decides that he will help her. Tommy, Lil, Chuckie, and Kimi all gasp when they hear this, but Phil tells them that he's helping Angelica for a noble cause. Angelica then takes Phil to the four-year-old girls, and already, Lil finds this situation unfair. Tommy reminds her that Phil is helping Angelica for all of them, and Lil tells him that it's not fair that the girls chose Phil over her, and questions what he has that she doesn't. Chuckie asks her, "A muddy bug in his diapie?", and Lil looks in her diaper, seeing that she does have that. Chuckie then tells Lil they might not be able to play mud pie factory, but Lil tells him that they still can, even without Phil, and tosses the globby to where Phil once was, deciding it will be the new patter. Meanwhile, Lou holds up a dog biscuit and tells Spiffy to sit. Spiffy jumps up and catches the dog biscuit in his mouth. Dil laughs, but Lou sighs unhappily, as his plan to train Spiffy isn't working out too well.

The four-year-old girls begin playing with Phil, and the girl with red hair gets ready to pretend to feed him. Phil asks her what she's supposed to be holding, and she tells him "creamed spinach." Phil refuses to play along, and tries to walk back to Tommy, Chuckie, Lil, and Kimi, but Angelica stops him. She tells him that the spinach isn't real, but Phil tells her that he doesn't even like pretend spinach, and that he wants to go back to playing mud pie factory with his friends. Angelica tells him he can't, because if he does, she won't be nice to him or his friends anymore. Phil then asks Angelica if she really is going to be nice to him and his friends if he does help her, and Angelica tells him she will, starting right now. Phil asks her how, and she sees a worm, which she reluctantly picks up and gives to him. Phil looks over the worm, and despite its small size and looking kind of clean, he accepts it. Angelica then tells him she'll find him a roly-poly as well. Phil likes this deal thus far. Meanwhile, Spiffy catches another dog biscuit Lou holds up to him in his mouth, and Lou has now run out of dog biscuits. The only biscuits he has now are teething biscuits for babies. Dil eyes them and coos. Lou then decides to be more firm with Spiffy, and tells him that this time, he won't give him a biscuit unless he sits up. Dil sits up, and Lou gives him a teething biscuit, then pats him on the head and says, "Good boy!".

The four-year-old girls continue playing with Phil, and the girl with red hair tells him he was a good boy for eating all his spinach. The dark-skinned girl tells him he's so cute, and Angelica finds it hard to believe. She then asks the girl with red hair if she's cool, and she tells her "Kinda". Angelica then takes Phil and tells him that her plan is working, and soon she'll be playing with the four-year-old girls for good. The girl with red hair tells Angelica that now she and the girl with dark skin are going to pretend to take Phil to the doctor. Phil then tells Angelica that he still feels hungry, as the pretend food didn't fill him up. Angelica tells Phil that she got him both a worm and a roly-poly, and asks him what more he could want. Phil then asks Angelica if she could give him one of her cookies, but Angelica refuses, telling Phil that she takes cookies from him and the other babies, not the other way around, and refuses to give it to him. The four-year-old girls walk up to Angelica, and the girl with red hair asks her if Phil is going to continue playing with them or not. Angelica then takes a cookie out of her pocket, exposing her Reptar Bar in it as well, and gives it to Phil, who happily eats it.

Tommy, Chuckie, Lil, and Kimi aren't having a lot of fun with the globby, and Chuckie asks if it isn't much of a patter. Kimi then says that the globby is the worst patter she ever saw. Tommy then tells her, Chuckie, and Lil that there's only one real great patter, and that's Phil. Lil then cries that she misses her brother, and Kimi and Chuckie can't help but agree with her. Tommy wishes he and his friends had Phil back, but Kimi reminds him that if they did get Phil back, Angelica won't be nice to them anymore. Lil tells Tommy that Angelica will continue to steal their cookies, Kimi adds that she'll keep breaking their toys, and Tommy adds that she'll keep calling them names, and Chuckie concludes by adding she'll continue to scare them on purpose. Tommy then decides it's still better to have Phil back, and Chuckie, Kimi, and Lil all agree with him. Tommy then decides they're going to get Phil back, no matter mean Angelica might be to them.

The girl with red hair decides to give Phil a "rooster shot", but when she pokes his arm with a stick, he doesn't cry. She then asks what baby doesn't cry when he gets his shot, and Phil looks over at the Reptar Bar in Angelica's pocket, and answers, "A baby that likes Reptar Bars!". Angelica hands Phil her Reptar Bar, and as Phil eats it, Angelica tells him to pretend to cry. Phil does so as the girl with the red hair pokes his arm. Tommy, Chuckie, Lil, and Kimi all see this, and Lil thinks the girls are being mean to Phil. Tommy then tells her, Chuckie, and Kimi to go at once. They all walk up to Phil, who asks them why they're here. Angelica then tells them to get back to their mud pie factory. Lil then tells Angelica they're not going anywhere, as they want Phil back. Angelica tells her they can't have him back, and asks her if they want her to be nice to them forever. Tommy tells her he decided they don't care what she does to them, as all they want is their friend back. Tommy tells Phil that he, Chuckie, Lil, and Kimi are taking him back, but Phil tells him that he's actually having fun with Angelica and the four-year-old girls. Lil is shocked to hear this, but Phil assures her that Angelica does whatever he wants for him. She got him a worm, a roly-poly, a cookie, and even a reptar bar. Kimi is admittedly impressed with how well Angelica is treating Phil, and Phil tells his friends that if he stays, Angelica will be nice to all of them forever. The girl with red hair tells Phil that she's going to play dress-up with him, and Phil immediately changes his mind and decides to go back to his friends. Angelica stops him and tells him that if he goes, she won't be nice to him or his friends anymore. Phil tells Angelica he doesn't care, as he'd rather go back to playing mud pie factory, and he walks away with his friends. Angelica tries to convince him that they could play mud pie factory with her, but she trips over a rock and falls in a mud puddle. The four-year-old girls see this, and the girl with red hair says, "That is so three-years-old!". She and the girl with dark skin laugh and walk away.

Meanwhile, Lou holds up another teething biscuit, and tells Spiffy to lay down, roll over, and speak. Dil blows a raspberry, and Lou tells him, "Good boy!" and chuckles.

Phil is back to playing mud pie factory with his friends, and he shapes the mud into a pie. Lil tells him they couldn't have done it without him, and Tommy is glad things are back to normal. Angelica tells the babies that she's never going to be nice to them ever again, but doesn't look where she's going, and steps in the globby. She struggles to get it off her foot, but to no avail, and walks away miserably as the episode ends.


  • This is the first episode to feature Spiffy, one of Spike and Fifi's puppies.
  • This is the third episode where Phil cries on his own instead with the babies.


Angelica: I may look 3, but inside I'm ALL FOUR!