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Toys in the Attic Gallery Transcript

Angelica: Wow! That wasen't so bad after all!

Didi: Bye, Tommy, be good. Bye-Bye.

Drew: Bye, angel, take care. Be good with Boris and Minka say.

Angelica: Ooh!!

(As Angelica looks at the beautiful antiques.)

Minka: You okay? Did you hurt your shmegegge?

Boris: No, I think I'm okay. (as a ball bounces away) Just find the policy.

Minka: Night, night. Sleep tight.

Angelica: There it is, let's go.

Tommy: What about that ghost?

Angelica: There ain't no ghost.

Tommy: What about that gho-

Angelica: GET UP THERE!!!

Angelica: (terrified) Please, Mr. Ghost! I'm only 3! Here! Take him! He's just a dumb baby!

(Stu and Drew opens the front door.)

Stu: We're back!

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