Episode Music
Sung by Angelica
Released March 6, 1999
Album N/A


Toyland is a song from the season 6 episode Music. It is sung by Angelica


Angelica: Toyland! Toyland! Get out of my way in Toyland.

(Angelica snatches a teddy bear from a girl.)

While you're in my toyland, keep your fingers off, it's mine.

Toyland! Toyland! I'm never bored of Toyland.

While you're in my toyland, you gotta give me all your toys!

(Angelica grabs more toys away.)

Toyland! Toyland! I'm in charge of Toyland.

It's not little girl or boy land. I'm the princess of the place!

(Phil and Lil give presents to Angelica.)

Toyland! Toyland! Dumb babies can't go to Toyland.

(Angelica grabs toys away from Tommy and Chuckie.)

It's only for the mostest beautiful girl in the world. (Sighing) Ah, yes!

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