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Tooth or Dare Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 26a
Tooth or Dare Title Card.jpg
Tooth or Dare
Original Airdate May 9, 1993
VHS release Bedtime Bash
DVD release Season 2
Complete Series
Previous Episode Susie vs. Angelica
Next Episode Party Animals

"Tooth or Dare" is a Season 2 episode of Rugrats.

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Looking to earn a little extra money, Angelica goes after Chuckie's teeth for the Tooth Fairy.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


While Tommy and Angelica are hanging out at Susie's house, the three of them are watching a edutainment-video on dental hygiene. Susie explains that her parents had gotten the video because her older brother, Edwin, had recently lost one of his baby teeth and received money from the Tooth Fairy after he put the tooth under his pillow. Angelica doesn't believe the story until Edwin shows that he really did lose a tooth by smiling at her, and showing that he had lost one of his front teeth. This gives Angelica an idea.

The next day at Tommy's house, Angelica tells Tommy her idea: she wants to get rich off of getting money from the Tooth Fairy by getting teeth any way she can. At first, Angelica's interested in Tommy's teeth, but decides against it when she sees that Tommy's only got one tooth that's just starting to come through. Then Angelica sees Chuckie's prominent front teeth, and sets her sights on them. Angelica tries but fails numerous times to knock out Chuckie's teeth, with the attempts becoming more elaborate each time. In the end, it's one of Angelica's own teeth that's knocked out instead of Chuckie's. Rather than being upset that it was her own tooth, Angelica's excited and convinced that this will make her rich.

The next day, Tommy and Chuckie are talking about how they think Angelica probably got a bunch of money from the Tooth Fairy for her tooth. When Drew and Angelica come by and Stu asks Angelica about her first visit from the Tooth Fairy, she just huffs and storms past him to the playpen. It turns out that Angelica's angry because all she got for her tooth was a dime. She ends up giving the dime to Tommy and Chuckie, and Chuckie makes a comment about how you just can't please some people. As the episode ends, his teeth become anthropomorphic with square glasses and buckteeth of their own. One waves goodbye to the audience.


  • The episode's title is a pun on "Truth or Dare".
  • The vast majority of babies sprout their first tooth when they're between four and seven months old. An early developer may get their first white cap as early as three months, while a late bloomer may have to wait until they're a year old or more. In very rare cases, a baby's first tooth is already visible at birth.
    • On average, a child has all their baby teeth by the time that they're at least three.
    • Most children lose their first baby tooth by the time they're five or six, but in some cases, they might lose their first tooth at the age of four (in the case of early bloomers) while some might not lose their first tooth until they're seven (in the case of late bloomers).
    • A child should have all of their permanent teeth by the time that they're 12 or 13.
    • This episode depicts baby teeth as having roots, when in reality, they don't.
  • When Susie tells the story of the Tooth Fairy about how she gives you money when you naturally lose a tooth, Angelica misunderstands and re-imagines the Tooth Fairy not looking for lost teeth but armed with a pair of pliers to pull out the teeth herself.
  • In the Bedtime Bash VHS, the UK VHS has "fellow" replacing "bugger" in order to not rate it PG.
  • We get to see Edwin Carmichael's room for the first (and only) time. It looks more like a library at a millionaire's mansion, with books on Philosophy and Quantam Physics.
  • When Angelica played rough with Chuckie and tried to knock his teeth out for money but winds up losing one of her teeth towards the end; this reminisces the episode of The Powerpuff Girls; "Moral Decay" when Buttercup tried to knock out Bubbles’ teeth and then she knocked out villains’ teeth to get money; but in the end Buttercup suffered the consequences by having HER teeth knocked out and was punished by Professor Utonium.
    • This episode, however, aired earlier than "Moral Decay".
  • Morals:
    • Greed is mean and an unfair way to get what you want.
    • Don't continue to harm others! Inflicting harm to others is a crime called assault and battery.


  • Angelica popped the ball when she was showing Tommy and Chuckie how to get the tooth out. But when she was dragged by the playpen, notice that same ball is there. This also happens in the episode when Spike runs away.
  • While Spike drags Angelica through the house, the blue standing lamp (which gets knocked down along with the potted plants) has no cord.
  • The teddy bear who wears purple glasses with square frames and has buck teeth like Chuckie, the lenses change color from white to brown like his fur and vice-versa before he gets thrown to the ground with the glasses getting broken into two.
  • Angelica really shouldn't start having teeth falling out till she is 5 or 6, since 3 is usually when she would've had all her milk teeth present in her mouth, however in all the episodes afterwards she is shown to have all her teeth back.

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