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Timothy McNulty
Also Known As Timmy McNulty
Gender Male
Birth Date July 5th, 1986
Age 4 1/2-5 (Rugrats)
Race Human
Occupation None
Interests Cheating at games, competing in competitions
Relatives Todd McNulty
Ty McNulty
Teddy McNulty
Terry McNulty
Conan McNulty (grandfather)
Colleen McNulty (mother)
Friends Todd McNulty
Ty McNulty
Teddy McNulty
Terry McNulty
Angelica Pickles (sometimes)
Tommy Pickles (sometimes)
Susie Carmichael (sometimes)
Chuckie Finster (sometimes)
Kimi Finster (sometimes)
Phil DeVille (sometimes)
Lil DeVille (sometimes)
Enemies Angelica Pickles (sometimes)
Susie Carmichael (sometimes)
Tommy Pickles
Chuckie Finster
Phil DeVille
Lil DeVille
Kimi Finster
Voice Actor Tara Strong
First Appearance "The 'Lympics" (Rugrats) (Season 4) (1997)
Last Appearance "Wash/Dry Story" (Rugrats) (Season 7) (2001)

Timothy "Timmy" McNulty (born July 5, 1986) is a recurring character in the Rugrats TV series who has appeared in multiple episodes. He was 4 1/2 years old then turned 5 in the episode "A Very McNulty Birthday". He is voiced by Tara Strong.


Timmy's the oldest of the five McNulty brothers. He makes his first debut in "The 'Lympics". From how he acts towards his four younger brothers, and to people in general, Timmy's basically a male version of Angelica Pickles, although he's arguably somewhat nicer than Angelica is. But, like Angelica, Timmy can be loud, competitive, bossy, mean and rude, and isn't above cheating to get what he wants.


Timmy has peach skin and several freckles on his cheeks. He has white eyes with black pupils as well as red hair. The character normally wears a yellow T-shirt and a pair of black pants. He is of Irish heritage due to his mother's accent and also his grandfather Conan's.



  • Timmy McNulty's voice was later used for another Nicktoon character, Timmy Turner, the main protagonist of The Fairly OddParents! who shares the first name and is also voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Tara Strong, Timmy McNulty's voice actress, later voiced Dil Pickles, who became a main character in The Rugrats Movie.
  • Timmy and his brothers were nowhere to be seen or even mentioned by any of the other Rugrats throughout All Grown Up!. It may be possible that they may have moved away to live somewhere else.