Timmy-Ray is one of Tommy and Angelica's cousins who appear in "Family Reunion "


Timmy Ray is the first to greet Tommy and Angelica. He is the son of Hugh and Dotti Pickles, he speaks with a southern farm accent. He's very well acquainted with the farm. He's the most friendly one and seems to be more well acquainted with Emmet as he asks Angelica after she starts bossing them around, "Say Angelica, have you met Emmet?". It's possible that he's being taught how to work around the farm, as he and Emmet don't really seem to care for walking a lot or working. He also has a bushy black farm dog, that was seen jumping on Drew and getting mud on him.


He has dark reddish brown hair, freckles, and two teeth. He wears a blue shirt with blue overall with a diaper underneath and is always seen with a piece of hay in his mouth. Like Tommy and Tony, he walks barefoot. Like Tommy, he seems to be pigeon toed as he is seen standing with his feet pointing inward like Tommy's.


  • Throughout the episode, Timmy-Rays freckles appear and disappear many different times throughout the episode


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