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Three Jacks and a Beanstalk Gallery Transcript
Season 10 Episode 2
Three Jacks and a Beanstalk
Three Jacks and a Beanstalk
Original Airdate September 5, 2006
Previous Episode Snow White
Next Episode N/A

"Three Jacks and a Beanstalk" is an episode/movie that is part of the Rugrats:Tales From The Crib.

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Aunt Moo, a kindly old cow, and her children (the Rugrats) are given a bag of magical beans by a mysterious stranger. This stranger (Susie) turns out to be a magic fairy, and the beans they threw out the window grown into a gigantic beanstalk that leads up to the castle of a terrible giant (Angelica).


Taffy tells the kids a the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk", which she renames "Three Jacks and a Beanstalk" since there were three boys in the Rugrats group, Tommy, Chuckie, and Phil. The story soon begins as it changes to the story as Tommy and Dil were playing in a sandbox. Tommy was dressed as Jack from the orginal story of Jack and the Beanstalk. After his bottle runs out of milk, Tommy goes to get milk from the cow, who happens to be Aunt Moo as Taffy tells how "Jack" and his baby brother lived in a small shack with a cow named Aunt Moo. 

Aunt Moo fills the bottle with milk from her udder as Tommy takes the bottle back to Dil, who drinks the milk again, as Taffy tells how Jack and his little bro lived off the milk Aunt Moo made for them while they sold the rest at the market. At the market Tommy is advertising for Aunt Moo's milk as he says that the milk is for sale and is for "big strong tooths". An ogre then approaches saying the milk looked good as he reached for a bottle, only to have Dil squirt milk from his baby bottle onto the Ogre's face.


  • Even though this episode/movie isn't canon, this is the twelfth and final time we see Tommy wearing shoes as a baby.

Moral: Bigger is not always better 


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Rugrats Tales From The Crib Three Jacks And A Beanstalk Trailer

Rugrats Tales From The Crib Three Jacks And A Beanstalk Trailer

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