• In the All Grown Up episode Susie Sings the Blues, a woman claiming to be from the talent agency admires Susie for her singing. She tells her that she has the potential of being a popstar and she convinces her to get 1,000 dollars to give to her. Susie asks Alyssa for the 1,000 dollars and she gives it to woman. When she gets to the music studio, she sees that it's deserted and that she was by the woman who seemingly admired her talent. Then when she discusses the situation with Alyssa, she goes off on her about how she put her life in danger and how the woman who tricked her could have taken it a lot further than she did. Do you think this fiasco would've been avoided if Susie had allowed Alyssa to accompany her on giving the 1,000 dollars to the woman who tasked her on giving her the money that she wanted?

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    • I think Alyssa should have went with Susie when she handed the cheque to her. I think if her sister saw how this woman was acting, she would have probably sessed out she was a scam artist. Also she would have had a face behind the woman who scammed her etc.

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    • Yeah, that's what she should've done. But of course her sister was desperate for fame so she took the chance not knowing what she was getting herself into.

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