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Name: Thorg
Species: Mechanical Toy Gorilla
Voiced By: Phil Proctor/Michael Bell


Thorg is a mechanical toy gorilla that is housed at a local toys tore. In "Toy Palace", Tommy accidentally turns Thorg on. He ends up following Tommy and Chuckie, frightening the boys. As they run, they rush to a mechanical Reptar toy and turn him on. Reptar and Thorg both push at one another until Thorg accidentally turns on a time machine. As he does, he is pushed into the time machine by Reptar. Thorg is later seen in the year 1776 at the scene of Washington crossing the Delaware, to which George Washington and his men look on in surprise at him. Oddly enough, this does not seem to affect history.

Thorg's seen again in "Chuckie is Rich" as a new toy briefly owned by a suddenly wealthy Chuckie. Thorg's only real line is "Thorg, hungry! Thorg want EAT!".

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