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Season 9 Episode 9a
They Came From the Backyard Title Card
They Came from the Backyard
Original Airdate November 5, 2002
DVD release The Best of Season 9
Season 9
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"They Came from the Backyard" is a Season 9 episode of Rugrats.

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Stu installs cameras around the Pickles' house to monitor the babies, which he can view on his TV as he also watches a sci-fi marathon. When he falls asleep, and Dil inadvertently changes the channels back and fourth between an alien invasion movie and the monitor cameras, the Rugrats think the aliens have their sights set on them. Can Tommy, Chuckie and Kimi stop the attack? - Description from Klasky Csupo


Tommy, Chuckie, and Kimi are playing hide and seek as Tommy is looking throughtout the house for any sign of Chuckie and Kimi. He looks in the closet and down the basment stairs, but still couldn't find them until Spiffy finds them for him as they were hiding under the dresser in the living room. Spiffy drags Chuckie out from under the dresser by his pants as Tommy congragulates Spiffy for finding Kimi and Chuckie. However, as Tommy does this, Kimi and Chuckie take off running as Tommy follows after them saying it was Spiffy's turn to hide. 

The kids then run by Didi, who was studying for an exam and had books and papers everywhere, as Kimi accidently steps on one of her papers while running and the babies send papers flying as they run by. Didi then tells Stu that she needed him to watch the kids while she studied.


  • Didi is studying for an exam this episode. She must've gone back to school for her master's degree.
  • Chuckie is wearing pink polka-dotted underwear in this episode.


Chuckie: It's an alien inflation! They're stealing all the toys and turning all the mommies and daddies into alien mommies and daddies!


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