They Call Me Reptar
They Call Me Reptar
Episode The Splat Block Commericals
Sung by Foley
Released October 12, 2015
Album Splat Tracks
Reptar- "They Call Me Reptar" Official Music Video

Reptar- "They Call Me Reptar" Official Music Video

 They Call Me Reptar is a Rugrats Rap song about Reptar created by the Nickelodeon's "The Splat" TV block. It was released (posted on "The Splat" YouTube page) October 12, 2015 and is sung by Foley.


They call me Reptar!

I'm the freshest dinosaur

Green skin, blue spikes

With a really big roar


And I'm coming through your  town

And i'm smashing up your cars and knocking all your buildings down

Got a musical on ice, candy bars, and a cereal 

Tryin to build a franchise

I'm about to make a million though 

Top reptile, i'm a dinosaur boss!

Got a huge set of teeth that I very rarely floss

Don't you ever wonder why I knock over these buildings?

I may be a monster but I got a lot of feelings

The government is always trying to take me down

But i'm just here like yo i'm trying to save your town 

The good guy or the bad guy you can be the judge

But when push comes to shove I ain't gonna budge

So why you wilding, why you acting so crazy?

I mean come on my biggest fans are five little babies!

So when I flatten this city, yeah I laid it to rest

But your still screaming Reptar is the best! 

Dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur

Ancient enemy to man (to man)

Dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur

I'm the greatest in the land (land)


  • A building with  the Viacom logo is knocked down by Reptar
  • There is no episode for this song it is played during the "The Splat" TV block in the commercials
  • There has been no album released for this song yet but the album will be called Splat Tracks possibly 
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