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Season 5 Episode 8a
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The Wild Wild West
Original Airdate August 17, 1998
DVD release Season 5
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"The Wild Wild West" is a Season 5 episode of Rugrats.

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The Rugrats play "Cowboys & Indians", with Angelica playing ice cream thief Cactus Kate. - Description from Klasky Csupo.


Lou, Tommy and Angelica Pickles, Chuckie Finster and Susie Carmichael are at the park, where Lou's reading the kids a book on people from the American Old West, like Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp and Calamity Jane, and talks about them and their relationship with the Native Americans. He also talks about outlaws like Cactus Kate, a notorious robber.

While Lou's telling telling them stories from the book, Angelica's looking for stuff to cut with her Cynthia safety scissors. She then sees a man dressed as a giant ice cream cone handing out coupons to various kids around the park's public swimming pool. Angelica rides her tricycle over to him and he gives her a coupon, but when she starts cutting it, he tells her that the coupons he's handing out are for free ice cream cones from the ice cream truck that rides by the park.

When the man leaves the pool, he stuffs the rest of the coupons into his back pocket, but they fall out and Angelica takes them, intending to keep them for herself. Susie and the boys come by and Susie tells Angelica that she can't just keep all the coupons for herself, but Angelica says that she will keep the coupons and that she plans eating all those ice cream cones herself.

Tommy then says, "In the name of the slaw, we're here to stop you, Cactus Kate!" Tommy starts calling himself "Wild Bill Hiccup," he calls Chuckie "Wyatt Burp," and he calls Susie "Clammy Jane." They vow to stop Angelica and all four of them pretend to be people of the American Old West (Angelica pretends that her tricycle is her horse while Susie and the boys pretend that sticks are their horses).

It then shows that Betty was at the pool with Phil and Lil, who were taking a swim class, and were apparently the fastest swimmers in their class. Betty sets the twins down on a blanket and gives them each a popsicle as a treat, and then Betty goes over to Lou, where he fell asleep reading the book on the American Old West. Angelica rides over Phil and Lil's blanket on her tricycle, and Tommy, Chuckie and Susie imagine them as Native Americans, and ask them for help to stop Cactus Kate and to cross the "river" (a small artificial pond at the park).

Phil and Lil give Susie and the boys each a duck inner tube (they imagine it as a canoe), and Phil lets each of them lick the popsicle his mom gave him (although Chuckie's a little reluctant at first). Their "canoe" gets a hole in it, but Tommy plugs it up with the popsicle Phil gave him. They get across the "river," but Angelica yells to them that just because they made it across, that doesn't mean they'll stop her from getting all the ice cream.

Chuckie gets worried that they'll get lost in the "woods," but Susie uses a string that they can all hold onto so they don't get separated. Angelica ends up cutting the string with her Cynthia safety scissors. Chuckie gets lost, but Tommy manages to find him, and they and Susie follow Angelica up a big pile of boxes (which they imagine as high cliff with falling boulders). They manage to make it over the "cliff," and when they get to a group of recycling bins, Tommy sees the ice cream coupons that Angelica took on the ground. Susie gets suspicious as to why they'd be on the ground with Angelica nowhere in sight, and Tommy thinks that maybe Angelica figured they'd find her and decided to leave the coupons there.

But just then, Angelica lassoes Susie and the boys with a hose, as she plans to leave them there while she gets all the ice cream from the ice cream truck. Just as she's about leave, she's stopped by the "Native Americans" (various children who were hanging around the pool), led by Phil and Lil. The twins tell Angelica to let Susie and the boys, but she refuses. They force Angelica to apologize after they threaten to kiss her, and Tommy hands out the ice cream coupons.

The ending shows Lou and Betty handing ice cream cones to all of the kids, and when the ending cuts to the Rugrats eating their ice cream cones, Susie thanks Angelica for "sharing" the ice cream coupons.


  • Susie's voice actress, Cree Summer, is part Native American.
  • Lou also got an ice cream cone for himself, and the flavor he chose was "Tutti Frutti."
  • Betty's the only parent of the Rugrats to appear in this episode.
  • Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and Tomahawk Beckwourth are also appear in the 1999 PC Railroad Adventure Game, Lionel's Trans Con.
  • Grandpa Lou claims to have spent 15 years "Wranglin' doggies down on the prairie".
  • In the scene with Phil and Lil before, when Angelica rode across their blanket, the other inflatable duck floaties weren't there but when Chuckie, Tommy, and Susie went up to them, Phil and Lil had multiple floaties around them.

Moral: Always share. There is always plenty for everyone 

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