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The Werewoof Hunter Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 13
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The Werewoof Hunter
Original Airdate October 7th, 2021 (streaming release)
October 22nd, 2021 (Nickelodeon)
Previous Episode Mr. Chuckie
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"The Werewoof Hunter" is a half hour long Halloween episode special. It is the thirteenth episode in the first season of the 2021 series of Rugrats. It premiered on Paramount+ on October 7th, 2021.[1] The episode will later priemere on Nickelodeon on October 22, 2021. [2]

The special guest stars Henry Winkler as Count Mucklehoney (Boris) and Swoozie Kurtz as Frau Klumpof.[3] (Minka)

Characters Present


Tommy need his friends' help to save Angelica after she turns into a werewolf at a scary Halloween party where their parents seem to be disappearing one by one! - Description from Paramount+


The babies, Angelica and their families are riding on a train late at night, under a full moon. Betty comments that they're breaking every horror movie rule by doing so. She tells Stu that it's time to spill it as to where he's taking them. He replies that he hopes they brought their most inventive Halloween costumes, that they're going to Count Mucklehoney's legendary Halloween Ball. This grand announcement is met with a mixed reaction at best. Stu says that Count Mucklehoney is the owner of the largest toy and game company in the world and he's going to show him his prototype. He presents a toy called the Snot Rocket - "suck your snot into the rocket and blast off." Didi suggests he save this for the party. Angelica, bouncing on Drew's lap, asks if he thinks she'll be the most amazing princes there. He promises that she will light up the ball. She tells him to remember it's Tommy's first Halloween and to make it special.

Sitting on the floor of the train with Susie, Tommy asks her if it's really true you put on funny clothes on Halloween and people give you candy. She says she didn't believe it at first either, but it's the best day ever. Angelica says that she believed this too until she learned that on Halloween, monsters come out from their hiding places and try to bite babies and make them into monsters. The babies gasp and Chuckie says he knew Halloween was too good to be true. Angelica suggests they give all of their treats for safekeeping to her. They do so and she laughs evilly.

The group arrives outside the mansion. "And the horror begins," comments Betty. The door opens and a man comes out, dressed in armor. He introduces himself as Lazlo, even though it is clearly Lou in costume. He also presents "Rosemary," a hand puppet with googly eyes. Inside, he puts on some spooky music on a gramophone. Another voice introduces himself as Count Mucklehoney, though it is clearly Boris, dressed as a vampire with fangs. He says that the children are charming and Frau Klump is going to eat them up when snacktime comes. Betty asks who a Frau Klump is and a woman comes out - Minka, though dressed in dark clothes like a stern Victorian matron. Spike growls at her. Didi says she's uncomfortable leaving the kids with her, but Stu says it's fine. Charlotte laments having no cell signal, saying they should head back for the train, but Lazlo tells her it was the last one. Lucy quips to Randy that she's not sure if the talking hand or the bad British accent is more unsettling.

The adults settle in, while the babies stare at glowing lights outside. They're fireflies, though the babies think they're fairies. Angelica explains that they're bugs whose buts light up and Phil comments he'd give anything for that. Angelica tells them to help her catch them so she can use them for her costume. They try to go outside, but they are greeted by Frau Klump, who tells them that there are bad things on the moors. "Very bad scary things." Angelica says they have things to do and they head out. Frau chuckles evilly. Susie asks Angelica what Frau said. "Blah blah, scary things," elaborates Angelica. Chuckie worries there might be monsters, but Tommy says if so, Angelica can give them all their candy. They have fun catching fireflies when suddenly they hear a strange howling. Spike snarls and growls. Tommy says that Spike does this when he sees a stinky kitty, but Chuckie says he thinks it's his "monster growl." Angelica drops the candy, shouting "Every baby for themselves!" She rushes off, then rushes back at them. She now appears to have bloody claw marks on one of her arms. Susie thinks it's a monster bite, but Angelica tells them it's just some dumb dog and they should get out of there.

Back inside, the adults hear a howling and Chas worries it's a wolf. Lazlo comes in, serving them a stinky drink he describes as "liquid eel brains." Stu gags on the drink, asking Count Mucklehoney when the other guests are arriving. He tells them there are no others, that he was just dying to meet him and hear about his toy. Stu says it's perfect, that his toy is the best. Frau arrives, declaring that the children have returned. Count Mucklehoney says this means it's time for the ball to begin. He tells Lazlo and Frau to take the guests to their rooms to change into their costumes. Stu, Didi, Tommy and Spike emerge from their rooms. Stu and Spike are both dressed like Frankstein's monster, Didi like the Bride of Frankenstein, while Tommy's costume is unclear but he has top hat on. Betty arrives wearing a yellow poncho and two claw-hands, calling herself "Chowder-Face from the Maine Lobster Claw Massacre." Phil and Lil are dressed as lobsters. Randy, Lucy and Susie are dressed as characters from the film Final Eclipse. Drew and Charlotte are in Victorian costumes with the heads on plates, designed by Jonathan. Chas and Chuckie are dressed as a banana and a bottle of mustard. Angelica is a Victorian princess.

Frau appears, saying that the Count is ready for them. The adults and babies are again split up for their respective parties. Susie asks Tommy what his costume is. He tells her that he's a monster hunter and will protect them if they see any monsters. Angelica tells them to hand over their fireflies so she can light up her costume, but just then, Fran disappears behind a bookshelf. Angelica grumbles that she left them because they babies were talking too much and now they'll never get to the ball. She races outside to the balcony and complains that she wanted to have people bow to her, not be stuck with them. She tells them to leave her alone, howling. A statue, who looks and sounds like Daxton, declares that the "werewolf looms." Suddenly, Angelica turns into a werewolf. She howls, is confronted by Spike, and runs off. Susie asks if that really just happened and Tommy recalls a movie in which someone turned into a werewolf. Susie says thaat they could turn her back if they can just heal her boo-boo. She says that she has just the thing to do that, pulling out a bandage. Chuckie asks if the one she normally carries for him. Spike picks up a torn piece of Angelica's dress and Tommy mounts him so they can go find Angelica.

Inside, Count Mucklehoney declares the adults' costumes "simply delicious." Chas comments on this to Drew, but is confused when Drew doesn't answer. Randy says that Drew and Charlotte never came back from going to make a phone call. Betty says she knew those two would be the first to go in a horror movie. Lazlo brings in what he calls a "rare treat," tarantula cocktails. Mucklehoney digs in, but the rest of the adults are disgusted. Stu, however, tries one, causing Chas to race off and Lucy to run after him. "Another two down," says Betty, telling Didi they're picking them off like teenage prom queens. Meanwhile, the babies sniff around in search of werewolf Angelica. Spike smells something and takes off. They follow and Tommy lights up his screwdriver. They find themselves in a room full of scary clown toys. They continue up a spiral staircase and the screwdriver's light goes out. The babies shout at Tommy to turn it on and Tommy manages to get it going again. They find Spike with Angelica and tell her they have a way to turn her back. She, however, just sniffs at a bandage and then leaps through a window, hopping down the walls to the ground.

Seeing Angelica, Betty takes off, saying it's time to take matters into her own hooks. The babies are pursued by spiders while Spike is stuck in a web. Tommy frees him and they take off. Chuckie says he's had enough and they need to go back and be with their parents before they get eaten. Susie agrees, saying that she thinks Angelica wants to be a werewolf. Tommy says that they can't let Angelica be a monster for the rest of her life. He asks who's in and they all come together, saying they'll help so long as Angelica gives them candy. Back in the adults' room, Didi tells Stu that she knows he has heart set on this, but something isn't right, that everyone has disappeared. Stu figures they're just dilly-dallying, asking for Randy's agreement, but Randy is with Didi. He says it's time to run, but Mucklehoney appears in a flash of lightning, saying that it's time for a game. He tells them that as the owner of the largest toy and game company in the world, he loves to test them on his guests. He says he has the perfect one, a game called "Who's the Monster?" One of them will be the monster and the others will have find the monster before time runs out. When the time runs out, the monster feeds. Stu tells Didi and Randy they were right, saying he'll find some other billionaire to invest in the snot rocket. "What do we do now?" he asks.

Randy tells them to stall while he finds everyone. He gets up, saying that he's going to go see if Lucy needs any help with Chas. Mucklehoney agrees, telling Lazlo to take him. Outside, the babies find themselves in a hall of armor statues. Tommy says that Angelica may be a werewolf, but she still loves candy. He sets a trap of candy for her. Sure enough, she shows up and starts gobbling the candy. Tommy approaches, trying to sneak the bandage onto her, but she emits a huge belch, knocking them down, then takes off. Susie says to remind her to never eat candy again. Back with Stu and Did, Mucklehoney declares that time is up and the monster gets to feed. He licks his lips, but Stu stands up holding his snot rocket and saying they're going to find everyone and leave. Didi tells him to blast off and he shoots Mucklehoey with the snot rocket. Mucklehoney gets knocked back into a hidden lever, which reveals a secret doorway. From inside the room comes the sound of video game music. It turns out that the others are all there, playing away on an old arcade game. They're all fine and never came back beause they were engrossed in the game. Didi shouts that they're all alive and Charlotte says that they're better than alive, that the room has the best wifi ever.

Lucy apologizes, telling Stu and Didi that the room was too comfy to leave. Mucklehoney claps his hands, telling Stu that the snot rocket is to die for and "disgustingly genius." Just then, Betty blasts through a wall, saying that Mucklehoney didn't expect this final girl to come and take him down. The others chastise her and she admits that maybe she does watch too many horror movies. Meanwhile, Tommy tracks down Angelica and shows her a toy bone. He tells her to come and get it. She charges and he tosses the bone, then mounts her. She leads the group on a wild chase outside. He very nearly applies the bandage, but she tosses him off. He tells her that it's him, Tommy. He says he knows she doesn't want to be a monster and pleads with her to allow him to put on the bandage. She growls and swipes. They try to fight her off, but she knocks them aside. Phil's butt glows and Tommy tells him to release the fireflies. Phiil does so, reluctantly, and they swarm Angelica, succeeding in distracting her. Tommy applies the bandage, but on the wrong arm. He finally gets it on the right arm and Angelica morphs back into herself. They hug her, but she just complains, asking who ripped her dress (not remembering what she did as a werewolf, a typical horror movie trope) and shouting for them to get off her.

They hear a howling (implying the werewolf that bit Angelica is still out there) and huddle, whenTommy wakes up inside the castle, surrounded by the sleeping babies and Spike. He sees the adults minging happy. Didi asks if her little monster hunter fell asleep on the job. The doorbell rings and outside are Lazlo, Mucklehoney and Fran holding candy and saying "trick or treat." Tommy laughs as Fran calls him "Tommelah" and Spike howls at the full moon.


  • This episode states that it's Tommy's first Halloween. This is only true within the 2021 series universe as in the original series the episode, Candy Bar Creep Show, was the first Halloween themed episode but it is unknown if this is Tommy's first Halloween in this episode.
  • The name Mucklehoney is a reference to the one time character, Mr. Mucklehoney, who was the president of a toy manufacturing industry in the original series.
  • This was the first episode to have a shortened version of the theme song. It is approximately half of the normal length.
  • The Carmichaels do a group pose, which is kinda similar to 3 Ginyu Force members from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Betty calls herself a "Final Girl," a reference to the horror movie trope of the last girl alive in a slasher film confronting the serial killer.
  • Tommy's "monster hunter" costume may be a reference to the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.