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The Unfair Pair Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 18b
The Unfair Pair
Original Airdate February 20, 1994
VHS release Phil and Lil Double Trouble
DVD release Season 3
Previous Episode In the Dreamtime
Next Episode Chuckie's Red Hair

The Unfair Pair is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

Characters Present


Tired of being left out at Phil and Lil's house, Angelica claims to know which twin is the favorite and which one is the reject. Phil and Lil become suspicious and competetive, and Angelica takes advantage of the situation to become the favorite herself.

- Description from Klasky Csupo


After a talk with Angelica, Phil and Lil begin to wonder which twin is actually their parents' "favorite kid". They conduct a series of tests to find out the answer. Lil has stench pajamas, crib and her bow. And then milk all over his pajamas and bed. Phil has stench pajamas, bed, and Messy Phil. Lil has a big girl bed, now Phil has windy & snowy bed. Angelica takes Phil's & Lil's cookies and that's unfair to eat.


  • Tommy and Chuckie don't appear in this episode, but they were mentioned once.
  • This is the second time Tommy is absent after "Cuffed". The next two episodes where Tommy is absent are "Pickles vs. Pickles" and "Tell-Tale Cell Phone".
  • Stu and Didi don't appear in this episode.
  • Twins very often claim to be able to read each others minds.

Video Clip

Phil and Lil Wonder Who Their Parents’ Favorite Is Rugrats The Splat

Phil and Lil Wonder Who Their Parents’ Favorite Is Rugrats The Splat