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The Slide (2021 short) Gallery Transcript
Rugrats Short
The Slide (2021) title card.png
"The Slide"
Original Airdate May 28, 2021 (Paramount+ & YouTube)
May 29, 2021 (NickRewind)
Previous Short "The Lamp"
Next Short "Expedition"

"The Slide" is the fourth short of the Rugrats Shorts. It was released on May 28, 2021 on Paramount+ and June 2, 2021 on Paramount+'s YouTube channel.

Characters Present


At the playground, Chuckie must face his fear of going down the slide.[1]


At the park, Chuckie slowly, nervously, climbs the steps of the slide while repeating to himself that he's a "big, brave dog". Angelica bets two snow cones with Susie that Chuckie will chicken out. Susie insists that he can do it as Chuckie finally reaches the top of the slide, and goes down it. He screams the entire way down, but after he's reached the bottom, Chuckie is happy because he has had fun going down the slide. Everyone is happy for Chuckie, except for Angelica who gives Susie the two snow cones she owes her. Chuckie cheerfully goes down the slide a couple more times as Tommy comments, "There goes one brave kid."

Later seen inside his Reptar themed stroller on the way to the same park, Chuckie explains to his Reptar plush doll that there's nothing to be afraid of at the park. However, when Chas asks Chuckie if he wants to go on the swings, Chuckie looks at the swings in horror before screaming in fear.


  • This short is a remake of the original series episode "The Slide", with three major differences being that Angelica bets snow cones instead of popsicles and the ending where Chas is seen taking Chuckie to the park once more and Chuckie having a new fear of the park swings.

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