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Season 2 Episode 22a
The Slide
Original Airdate March 28, 1993
VHS release Chuckie the Brave

Volume 4

DVD release Season 2
Previous Episode Spike the Wonder Dog
Next Episode The Big Flush

"The Slide" is the 29th episode from Season 2 of Rugrats.

Characters Present


After a tramatic experience at a pizza parlor playground. Chuckie develops a horrible fear of going down the slide. When Angelica calls him a scaredy-cat, can the other Rugrats help him conquer his fear? 

- Description from Klasky Csupo


One day in the park Chuckie breaks down into tears when he climbs onto the first step of the slide at the park. Later, Tommy asks Chuckie why he cried, because Chuckie loves the slide.

Chuckie explains that recently his dad took him to Pizza Puppet Place. In the play area, Chuckie made his way through the ball bit to the steps of the slide...or so he thought. After a long climb, Chuckie realizes he's at the top of the big slide (which in Chuckie's imagination is absurdly huge), which almost reaches the ceiling. At the top, some big kids crowd behind Chuckie and tell him to hurry up and go. In response, Chuckie breaks down crying with Intrepid sound.

Tommy points out to Chuckie that it was the big kid slide, after all, so he should still be able to enjoy the regular slide, but Chuckie says it doesn't matter: he fears all slides now.

Angelica, who has overheard the story, laughs at Chuckie and calls him a scaredy cat. Susie, who is also nearby, tells Angelica to knock it off and promises Chuckie she'll help him get over his fear.

After Susie has Chuckie climb steps and ride in a wagon, she declares Chuckie ready for the slide again. At the park, Chuckie slowly, nervously, climbs the steps of the slide while repeating to himself that he's a "big, brave dog", something Susie taught him. Angelica calls Chuckie a scaredy cat and bets two popsicles with Susie that Chuckie won't do it. Susie insists that he can do it, and she, Tommy, and the twins encourage Chuckie from below.

Chuckie finally reaches the top of the slide, and goes down it. He screams the entire way down, but after he's reached the bottom, Chuckie is happy because he's remembered how much fun the slide is. Everyone is happy for Chuckie, except for Angelica who now owes Susie two popsicles. Chuckie now cheerfully slides the slide over and over again.


  • After Susie and Angelica's argument, Chuckie quotes John Merrick from the 1980 film, The Elephant Man, albiet imperfectly, given his age.
  • Originally, Chuckie was supposed to be pushed in an office chair down a hill. However, Nickelodeon said that it was too dangerous & told the writers to change it to something that kids wouldn't imitate at home.
  • Nickelodeon originally thought that no narration during Chuckie's slide story (apart from the set-up) would be better for this episode, but in the end, it stayed in the episode.
  • Due to "standards & practices" concerns, Susie wasn't allowed to push Chuckie and greater care had to be taken when it came to skateboards.
  • In the episode, there was a line where Chuckie said, "Now I'm every slide in the whole universal" and Nickelodeon wondered if it was a typo. However, the line was eventually cut from the episode altogether.
  • There was supposed to be another vertigo shot near the end of the episode before Chuckie goes down the slide successfully, but it was later removed in the final episode draft.
  • At the beginning of the episode Angelica and Susie aren't there, but when Chuckie climbs up the slide ladder and looks down Angelica and Susie are standing there.
  • Both this episode and "The Big Flush" are about conquering fears.
  • This is the first episode Angelica and Susie we're both in and interacted, although they met off-screen before this episode.
  • This is the second time Chuckie pees his pants, but this is only implied, as Chuckie says his "pants was wet" as he went down the slide.
  • Angelica's growl after she lost the bet to Susie (in this case, two chocolate popsicles) would later be reused for the end of "Hiccups".
  • Morals:
    • Making fun of other people is not very nice.
    • Face your fears.
    • Be yourself, even if someone makes fun of you.

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