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Season 3 Episode 23b
The Sky is Falling
Original Airdate May 8, 1994
DVD release Season 3
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"The Sky is Falling" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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Angelica tells a story of a bleak future, where "End of The World" happened two years ago and she is now President. Will the Rugrats be ready when the sky falls in? Meanwhile Stu and Chas brush up on their tennis - Description from Klasky Csupo


One day the babies are playing in the backyard, but Chuckie is strangely fascinated by the sky, and less interested in playing. Tommy and the twins don't understand why until Chuckie says it seems lower today, for some reason. Afterwards all four are staring skyward. Chas and Stu pass through the backyard on their way to practice playing tennis together off the Pickles' garage door. The fathers are mystified by the strange behavior of the babies, but don't let it stop them from practicing tennis.

Angelica comes by, and when they explain they think the sky might be falling, she smirks and tells them the sky does look lower, like the last time it fell. They ask for more details, and Angelica tells them it happened just before they were born, and that it was the end of the world. Everything got worse until finally, all the TV shows were cancelled. Angelica continues to frighten them until a tennis ball zooms over the garage and hits her on the head just as she's describing how the sky will fall in chunks.

Now Angelica is convinced the sky really is falling! The Deville twins, Angelica, and Chuckie panic, but as the brave one, Tommy suggests they can build a "fall-in shelter". Soon a shelter has been constructed beneath the picnic table in the backyard. Angelica puts supplies in the shelter, including deluxe crayons (with built-in sharpener), cookies, and the VHS collection of Dummi Bear cartoons. One by one Angelica allows in Tommy, Chuckie, and Lil inside with her, but not Phil because the shelter isn't big enough apparently. None of the babies will stay in the shelter if they all can't be saved, so Angelica has a change of heart and allows them all in.

To pass time, Angelica tells them all about how they'll rule the world "as pirate kings. 'Course I'll be the king of all of you!" Her vision includes raiding toy and candy stores since as the only survivors there won't be anyone to stop them from doing so.

Back out front, Stu and Chas have broken many of Betty and Howard's windows, but Stu still wants to continue practicing. Yet again a tennis ball flies over the garage and into the backyard, this time hitting Spike. Spike, startled and frightened, rushes all around the backyard before trying to get through the fence into the DeVille's backyard. But Spike gets stuck, and part of the fence begins knocking an apple tree with such force apples begin falling rapidly...right onto the fall-in shelter!

Inside the little shelter they hear the sound of falling apples overhead and think the sky is falling. They scream, cry, and hold onto each other until Spike makes it through the fence and the apples stop falling. Cautiously, they peer out. The backyard is quiet and empty, and assume they're the only survivors, not realizing the truth. Angelica appoints herself president of the world and ushers them back inside Tommy's house, insisting that it's OK since there's nobody else left.

The first thing Angelica decides is that she wants an indoor pool, and the living room is the perfect place for it to go. The hose is brought to the living room and turned on, unleashing water into the house. Angelica says the couch pillows will make great pool toys, and tosses them into the newly formed puddle on the floor. With that done, she leads them into the kitchen next to look for junk food (the hose, without being held down, begins to spray water all over the place.) The kitchen is torn apart, with pots, pans, and food everywhere, but with no candy to be found.

Angelica is frustrated by this, and asks Tommy where Stu keeps his car keys so she can drive to a candy store. Tommy is outraged that Angelica wants to drive, even if she is the president of the world, and refuses to help her. Angelica decides to go by herself, but just as she's about to open the door to the garage, Stu and Chas come in from that very door, and quickly discover the mess!

The two dads correctly realize that Angelica is behind this, and force her to help them clean up the mess she made. The babies are relieved that Stu and Chas survived the sky falling, agreeing that Angelica was an awful president of the world. As they are not held responsible for the mess, they decide to go and explore Tommy's old bedroom, leaving Angelica behind to mop up the living room.


  • Toy Palace (from the episode of the same name) is shown in Angelica's fantasy when she describes how they'll all be able to rule the world with no grown-ups to stop them. During her fantasy, the babies and herself raid Toy Palace and take all of the toys for themselves.
  • Lil is right about telling Phil that there are no mooses in the jungle as mooses live in subartic climates and can't survive in hot jungle weather. They actually live the forest, but Phil got mixed up.
  • The way Angelica imagine the babies and herself after the "end of the world" is a reference to the 1979 film Mad Max.
  • Scientifically speaking, the sky cannot fall, as it is just the air that makes up the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Moral: Don't believe everything you hear 

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The Babies Rule in an Apocalyptic World Rugrats NickSplat

The Babies Rule in an Apocalyptic World Rugrats NickSplat

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