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Season Two Episode 3b
Rugrats - The Shot
The Shot
Original Airdate September 20, 1992
DVD release The Best of Season 2
Season 2
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The Shot is the second segment of the third episode of season 2, and the sixteenth Rugrats episode overall.

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Tommy gets his booster shot after hearing horror stories about what to expect from Chuckie and Angelica

- Description from Klasky Csupo


Phil and Lil are visiting Tommy. Chuckie arrives after being dropped off by his father, Chas. When Tommy tells the other babies that he's getting his "rooster shot," Chuckie corrects him by explaining that it's a "booster" shot. He then tells the others a terrifying (and embellished) tale about his experience going to the pediatrician's office and getting his booster shot, causing Tommy to become uncharacteristically afraid of the doctor.

The day of the appointment arrives, and Tommy meets a new baby in the waiting room, Hector. When their mothers are busy talking to each other, Tommy says he's here to get a shot. Hector admits he is, too, and Tommy says they can escape together, and avoid the shot. Angelica then enters the waiting room with Drew. Drew tells Didi that Angelica is here for her annual check-up. Didi says that's why Tommy is here, too (as well as for his booster).

Angelica taunts the babies for being afraid of getting a shot. Even though she tries to stop them, they manage to escape the waiting room. Angelica tries to tell the grownups what's happened, but Drew scolds Angelica for trying to interrupt their conversation, and says she must wait for permission to speak. When Drew gives her that permission, she yells that the babies have escaped, and Didi and Hector's mother run off to find them. Drew then scolds Angelica for not telling them sooner before going to search himself (even though he told her not to interrupt a second earlier).

Elsewhere in the clinic, Tommy and Hector's plan to escape goes very poorly when they make a mess by crashing a cart into a supply closet. Angelica finds them first and takes glee in knowing they'll be in trouble for this before calling the grownups over.

When waiting for the doctor, Didi's embarrassed by what Tommy did and hopes his doctor isn't too angry. When the doctor comes in, Tommy's visibly afraid. The doctor smiles and gives Tommy...a lollipop! Tommy calms down considerably and sucks on his lollipop. The shot is given and he doesn't make a peep. When leaving the office, Tommy and Hector see each other again, and show off their band-aids to each other—neither one is upset.

But Angelica is! Not only did Drew apparently not tell Angelica she was getting a shot of her own that day, she's crying loudly and screaming that she wants her mother. Drew, concerned, asks the doctor if this sort of reaction is normal—Dr. Schachter assures Drew that his daughter will be just fine, and explains that some kids just don't handle their shots as well as others might.

After hearing this, Tommy and Hector strike their lollipops together like swords, celebrating their "victory" over Angelica.


  • A booster shot is an injection of medicine given to fight off infections, such as the flu. They are given to people as young as one year old and older. However, there is an actual fear of needles that even occurs in adults.
  • Tommy references this episode in the Revival Era episode "The First Cut" when he says the bandage he has was from when he got his "rooster shot," except the bandage he gets in that episode has Reptar on it.
  • The lollipops and bandages that Tommy, Hector and Angelica get are matching in colors.
    • Tommy: Purple.
    • Hector: Green.
    • Angelica: Red.
  • Karma: Angelica, after taunting Tommy and Hector for being scared about getting their shots, gets her comeuppance when she gets upset about having to get a shot of her own (after presumably being unaware of it).
  • It's revealed that Tommy is (or at least was) 23.5 inches tall (59.69 centimeters), just half an inch shy of two feet.
  • This is the first appearance of Tommy's pediatrican, Dr. Schachter.
  • Charlotte is mentioned again by Angelica in this episode, although Charlotte doesn't appear until "The Santa Experience".

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