7 Voyages
The Seven Voyages of Cynthia is a level in the Rugrats: Search for Reptar game for the PlayStation. It is based on the episode of the same name and is classified as having a hard difficulty level.


Like in the TV episode, Tommy and Chuckie use Cynthia as a captain for their boat but end up losing her. Angelica is looking for Cynthia and confronts the babies asking them where Cynthia is. They start crying and tell her what happened. Spike overhears Angelcia's threat about how she'll turn the babies into applesauce and goes out to find Cynthia.


The first objective is to travel through the sewers. It starts at the beginning with Spike as he travels through the maze-like sewers while avoiding dirty water and rats, which will injure him. There are bones throughout the sewers if Spike is going the correct way. Once Spike makes it to the exit of the sewers this will lead to the next section of the level.

The next section is where Spike has to actually find Cynthia. He has to travel around the dump in search for Cynthia. However, Spike has to be quick as this segment is timed unlike the last section.


  • Cynthia's location changes each time the level is played.
  • This level can only be accessed after playing a certain amount of easy or medium levels.
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