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The Science Pair Gallery Transcript
Season 2 Episode 7
All Grown Up - The Science Pair
The Science Pair
Original Airdate November 6, 2004
DVD release R.V. Having Fun Yet?
Previous Episode Saving Cynthia
Next Episode Izzy or Isn't He?

The Science Pair is an episode of All Grown Up! from Season 2.

Characters Present


The middle school is having a science fair, and Tommy has an idea to create a machine that can sort socks by color, so that you never end up wearing odd socks. After asking his dad for a little advice, Stu becomes a little too helpful and takes over. Stu takes over so much that Tommy has to admit that the project is no longer his design at the prize giving event. Meanwhile Lil has a crush on a boy named Nicholas, who asks to work with her on her Science project.


  • Ending Tagline: "Who says I've lost it?! Ahahahaha!" - Stu
  • For a single frame, Chuckie's glasses frames are black.