The Rugrats Movie VHS
The Rugrats Movie was released on VHS in March 30, 1999 by Paramount Pictures. It contains a bonus episode of CatDog, "Winslow's Home Videos".


Guest Stars


  • There is a rare orange tape of the Rugrats Movie that includes the two deleted scenes which involve the songs When the Baby Cries and Army Chant, which was very limited with less than 5,000 copies made compared to the common theatrical version sans the deleted scenes that was made in millions.
  • From this tape onward, all future Rugrats VHS tapes are recorded in SP Mode.
  • There is also an alternate, dark orange version with no previews, and the CatDog bonus episode is placed after the film on these copies. For contents, see below.


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Version #1

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  3. Rugrats 1999 VHS Trailer
  4. Blue's Clues 1999 VHS Trailer
  5. Little Bear 1999 VHS Trailer
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  7. CatDog: Winslow's Documentary
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  12. The Rugrats Movie
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Version #2

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  5. The Rugrats Movie
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  9. CatDog: Winslow's Documentary

Back cover

"The Rugrats babies, intrepid explorers and stars of Nickelodeon's wildly popular animated series, are off on their first feature-length adventure. With the birth of his new baby brother Dylan, Tommy Pickles knew things were about to change, but he never expected that being a big brother could be such an adventure. While attempting to return little Dil to the "hopsical," the Rugrats commander the Reptar Wagon and inadvertently get lost in the forest. It's a rollicking, musical ride into a world beyond their backyard as the Rugrats encounter obstacles and some big surprises in their quest to get back home."

"a delight!" - The New York Times

"An award winner! Fun and frolic for the entire family! - Film Advisory Board, Inc.

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The Rugrats Movie Videotape (1999)

The Rugrats Movie Videotape (1999)

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