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The Old and the Restless Gallery Transcript
Season 1 Episode 10
All Grown Up - The Old & TheRestless
The Old and the Restless
Original Airdate January 24, 2004
DVD release O'Brother!
Previous Episode Brother, Can You Spare the Time?
Next Episode It's Cupid, Stupid

"The Old and the Restless" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of All Grown Up!.

Characters Present


Grandpa Lou takes over Stu's job of chaperone for the class field trip to the Human Body museum, and starts to embarrass Tommy. Meanwhile, Dil is hospitalized for a burping throat infection.


Phil (About the organ key chains): "I am definitely going to sport that key chain with pride."
Lil: "You don't have any keys."
Phil: "Do you know you're a very negative human being?"

Mr. Beaker (to the class): "And now for something really breathtaking - the lungs."

Didi: "Dil! Your steamed spinach on a bed of chilled spinach is getting cold! And warm!"
Dil (burping): "Virginia."
Didi: "What is he doing?"
Tommy: "Last seen, he was practicing burping the 50 states."
Lou: "Burping the... Is that what they're teaching them at that school?"
Tommy: "Only on the Dil Pickles curriculum."

Dil (burping): "Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming." (speaking) "Man! I only count 49!" (sighs, then starts burping again) "Alaska."
(Tommy and Stu laugh until Didi glares angrily at them.)
Lou: "Whole lot easier in my day; there weren't so goshdarn many states!"

Lou: "And that's the story of the day they wrestled out my tonsils."
(Tommy and his class all groan.)
Lou: "Or was it my gall bladder? Well, it was something floating in a jar."

Chuckie (riding the Spleen Scream): "Hey, Tommy, now I know why they call it the Spleen Screeeeaaaammmm!"

Justin: "Let's go! We're still twelve exhibits away from the spleen!"
(Tommy, Sean, and Justin all try to walk away, but Lou stops them.)
Lou: "Hold your horses! Got a bone to pick! It says here in the brochure that the funny bone's not actually a bone at all. It's uh, some kind of nerve."
Skeleton Animatronic: "Talk about nerve! You're ruining my act, Pops!"
(A rimshot plays.)
Justin: "Not to mention our whole day."

Phil: "Man, the Spleen Scream is one more fun thing we won't be doing today. Which also means we can say adios to our key chains."
Lil: "I know. Bringing Grandpa Lou wasn't exactly a great idea. What was Tommy thinking?"

Mr. Beaker: "And that's what makes the appendix one of the most impressive, yet utterly useless organs."

Chuckie (About his key chain): "I'm giving this one to Kimi, 'cause she's a good kid... ney. Get it? Kid-ney?" (The others stare at him blankly) "Okay, off to the thigh."

Lou: "No dillydallying, folks! Got a lot of body to cover and not much time!" (As he looks at Tommy) "Fast enough for you, Thomas?"

Lil: "We're catching up fast."
Phil: "Yeah, but it'd be nice if we could at least stop and smell the mucus."

Lou (looking through the left lung exhibit): "This is the left lung. Right one looks just the same. Movin' on!"

Lou: "We-ell, It's not the first time I threw my goshdarn back out. I remember once when I was chasing Tommy, he... he just ripped his diaper off, see, and he was heading for the front yard. Oh, you should have seen those cute little butt cheeks flapping in the wind!"
(Everyone laughs upon hearing this, except for an unamused Tommy.)
Tommy: "That tears it. Let's go!"
(Tommy leaves, and Sean and Justin follow behind him.)
Lou: "And that's when he learned that bare buns and rose bushes don't mix."

Tommy: "You know what, Sean? My Grandpa may do some embarrassing stuff sometimes, but he's still my Grandpa. So shut your pie hole!"

Lou: "Wait a gall-darn minute here; if that heart exhibit's on the fritz, why is it beating?"

Sean: "Not working! Any more bright ideas, Mr. Filmmaker? I'm too young, cool, and popular to die!"

Phil: (As he receives the liver key chain): "Cool. Now I have a liver inside and out. Love the key chain."
Lil: "Good. But you still need a key."


  • In the scene where Tommy is telling his grandpa that he's embarrassing him, Grandpa Lou gets mad and says that because he's old and has a hearing aid. then he proceeds to pull up his underwear, but it sounded if he was wearing a diaper.
  • In the scene where Grandpa Lou looks at the giant heart, where Tommy, Sean, and Justin are trapped, you see that the door that leads inside the heart is open. But a few seconds later, when you see Tommy inside, you see the door is blocked.
  • In one scene, Phil's hair turns a dark reddish color. Then in the next scene it's back to normal.
  • The episode is a pun on the soap opera, The Young and the Restless.
  • Ending Tagline: (burping) "West Virginia." - Dil.
  • Lulu is mentioned as participating in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. However, this festival usually takes place in July 6-14, which is when the kids are supposed to be on summer vacation.
  • Again Tommy is mentioned as being ten years old, when he's supposed to be eleven.
  • Tommy previously made the films When Fifth Graders Attack and When Sixth Graders Attack Back.
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