Like with many other television shows, with Rugrats, there have been episodes which for a variety of reasons, (or in some cases unknown or uncertain reasons) were rejected during outline or early script stages. This page contains of list of known episodes and their title or working title(s), an estimated time the episode was meant to air and which season it possibly could have aired under, a summary of the episode, and (if available) the reason the episode was not aired.[1]


Title Estimated Airdate Summary Reason not Aired
"Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing" or Rugrats Unaired Pilot 1990 (Season 1) Tommy after speaking with Phil and Lil, is curious about the toilet in the bathroom. Was meant to be shown as a test pilot for Nickelodeon to pick up the series. It was later released on the Decade in Diapers home video release.
"Tommy The Sage" 1992 (Season 1/2) The babies all believe Tommy is a Sage/Psychic, and they end up doing dangerous stunts following Tommy's advice. Nickelodeon for some reason felt the episode to be too violent. Stating that a "flashback" scene involving characters was inappropriate.
"Didi's Cold" 1992 (Season 1/2) Didi is struck with a cold/the flu, and Tommy and the gang find a way to heal her. Rejected by Nickelodeon supposedly for the graphic nature of the episode.
"Chuckie Gets Trapped" 1993 (Season 2/3) Chuckie somehow gets his head stuck in the banister of his house. Arlene Klasky decided not to air the episode, in fear that kids watching would copy what happened in the episode.
"Rear Crib Slat" 1993 (Season 2/3) One (or possibly more) of the babies for some reason is scared of their crib, causing the babies to not want to sleep in their crib(s) anymore. Nickelodeon thought the plot wouldn't work, and the episode was rejected.
"Tommy The Gambler" 1993 (Season 2/3) Stu and Drew take the babies to a racetrack, where Tommy and the gang decide to make their own horserace. Supposedly due to the horse racing gambling/betting themes, and animation issues.
"The Seance" 1993 (Season 2/3) The adults participate in a seance for a deceased relative/friend. The babies get scared by this. Rejected by Nickelodeon for most likely being too scary for children.
"The Parade" 1993 (Season 2/3) The babies go to a parade, and sneak on top of a float. Rejected by Nickelodeon for safety reasons, and animation issues.
"Angelica Takes a Candybar" or "Shoplifting" 1994 (Season 3) Drew takes Angelica to the grocery store, where after being told that she cannot have any candy, steals a chocolate bar. She tries to not get in trouble for it, and later starts to feel guilty. Nickelodeon rejected the episode for legal reasons, and that they didn't want to make Angelica "criminally evil."
"The Case of the Missing Eggs" or "Easter" 1994 (Season 3) The Rugrats has an easter/religious based episode, and they take part in an Easter Egg Hunt. Rejected due to religious issues and other animation issues.
"Chuckie & Susie" 1994 (Season 3) Chuckie and Susie go on a date together, and they share their first kiss. This episode was actually shown in some editions of "TV Guide" Magazine and set to air. However the episode was pulled, for unknown reasons. Possibly due to the mature content of it.


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