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The Legend of Satchmo Gallery Transcript

Lou: You sprouts ever hear the Legend of Sasquatch? Ha! Of course you haven't because I haven't told it to you yet! Well, they say Sasquatch was fifteen feet tall with big, round eyes, long teeth and huge, furry feet. Some folks call him Bigfoot. Some call him the Abominable Snowman. The rest just call him Sir!

[Angelica and the babies gulp]

: On warm nights just like this, he used to come out of the hills and turn whole villages upside down, lookin' for ice to stay cool. Or maybe just lookin' for trouble.

[Angelica and the babies gasp; Lou laughs]

: Don't worry, though. They say he only comes down from the hills every fifteen years. Wait a minute. Hasn't it been exactly fifteen years since the last time he was seen?

[Tommy, Phil, Lil and Angelica tremble with fear; Chuckie gasps in horror and grabs Tommy]

: Ah, what am I boring you sprouts with all that yappin' for? You're probably ready to fall asleep!
Angelica: Uncle Stu!

Stu: What are you kids doing out here?

Angelica: We couldn't sleep 'cause of the Satchmo!

Stu: Satchmo? The trumpet player?

Angelica: No, the monster!

Stu: I knew this was a bad idea. And Didi tried to tell me there was nothing to worry a-- Monster?!

Lou: What in tarnation is goin' on?

Stu: Angelica seems to think there's somebody in the neighborhood called Satchmo.

Lou: The trumpet player?!

Stu: No, the monster. Now, where do you suppose she got an idea like that?

Lou: Search me. Probably something on TV.

Stu: Yeah? Well, I think this proves that camping out is not such a good idea.

Lou: I think it proves that watching TV is not such a good idea!

Stu: Look, why don't we all just go inside our nice, safe house and get some sleep?

Lou: Stu, I got a better idea.