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The Last Babysitter Gallery Transcript
Season 3 Episode 8a
The Last Babysitter
Original Airdate November 14, 1993
VHS release Bedtime Bash
DVD release Season 3
Complete Series
Previous Episode Angelica Breaks a Leg
Next Episode Sour Pickles

"The Last Babysitter" is a Season 3 episode of Rugrats.

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While their parents are away at a "Dummi Bears" rock opera, Susie and Tommy help Alyssa search for a monster in the Carmichael house... But is it, in fact, the trickery of Susie's big brother Buster and his friend, "Sticky"? - Description from Klasky Csupo


When Alyssa, Susie's older sister, offers to babysit her younger siblings and Tommy while their parents go to a concert after the previous babysitter cancelled at the last minute, a plan to sabotage her job is set, and a blackout prompts Tommy and Susie to help find the culprit.


Tommy and Susie are in Alyssa's bedroom, with the teenager reading Susie's monster book to them. However, while reading, Susie notices Alyssa's zit. This embarrasses Alyssa, also reminding her of a monster in the book, the Glorgle, which is a very sad monster who lives alone in a dark, damp, smelly cave. Nobody likes the Glorgle because of its zits.

Downstairs, Randy and Stu and their wives are heading off to a concert--a Dummi Bears-rock opera--and Stu urges Randy to hurry since Didi and Lucy are already waiting in the car. Just as Randy's about to leave, he gets a call from his friend Gary, who was going to come by and babysit the kids while he and his friends were at the concert, but can't after hurting himself in an accident--this secretly excites Randy, but after seeing how much Stu wants to go, he decides to find another babysitter. When Alyssa offers to babysit her siblings and Tommy, Randy's initially against it--this gets Alyssa complaining about how Randy always treats her like a little kid even though she's almost sixteen (and therefore practically an adult). With a little urging from Stu, Randy agrees to let Alyssa babysit, and he, Stu and their wives finally leave for their concert. After their parents leave, Alyssa sets some ground rules for her siblings and Tommy, and the first thing she does is make Buster's friend, Sticky, go home. But just as Sticky's about to leave, Buster tells him that he has an idea to pull a prank on Alyssa.

As Alyssa's urging Edwin to put some pajamas on, Tommy gets worried that monsters might come out since Susie's parents are away (she had stated earlier that her parents keep monsters away), but Susie figures that Alyssa's old enough to keep the monsters away. Alyssa's getting pretty exhausted when the phone rings, and after initially assuming that it's her parents, answers it, but no one's on the other line. The phone rings again, but like the first time, there's no one on the other line. Tommy and Susie think that monsters are behind it when a blackout comes. Alyssa tries to find a flashlight when the lights come back on afterward. Alyssa is relieved, but Buster says that something funny is going on. The blackout comes again, and Alyssa lights a candle, saying there's nothing to worry about.

Just then, a rumbling is heard from the basement. Susie thinks it's a monster. Buster goes downstairs to see what it is, but runs back up after being frightened. Alyssa and Edwin put the coffee table in front of the door to keep what frightened Buster from coming out. Susie and Tommy go upstairs to Alyssa's room to find Susie's monster book.

They were distracted by Chowder, the family house cat, after Susie accidentally stepped on his tail, and a falling broomstick. After which, they check the monster book to check what kind of monster is in the basement. Was it Gaphagin, who lives on an island and listens to loud music? No. Was it Numeray, who lives on another planet and eats bones (but not in the way a dog does)? No. Was it the Eueumort, who likes living in the dark? Maybe. Susie and Tommy get crackers as bait, a net to catch it, and some gear.

After getting confronted, the two run to the closet, thinking that there is another monster upstairs. As they are about to get another net, Tommy notices the monster's "hair." Susie thinks that the monster is going bald. They go back downstairs to show it to Alyssa, but Alyssa points out that that the "hair" is actually an old wig that Buster wore for Halloween the previous year, but Buster attempts to deny that it is. Alyssa, Tommy, Susie, and a dejected Buster go upstairs to see who the culprit is. It turns out to be Sticky, who tries pinning most of the blame on Buster by claiming he was forced into the prank by him.

After the lights come back on, Alyssa makes Sticky go home (and explains that she's calling his parents to let them know that he's coming) and makes Buster go to bed early. Alyssa thanks her sister and Tommy for helping her, and puts them to bed. Tommy and Susie were relieved after learning that there weren't any monsters in the house. Tommy asks Susie if there are any monsters in the world. Susie answers that there are—just not in the basement.

After their parents return from the undiscussable Dummy Bears concert, Randy says that Alyssa did a good job, but then notices that the coffee table is in front of the basement door.


  • In this episode, Susie is voiced by E.G. Daily, Tommy's voice actress, instead of Susie's original voice actress Cree Summer for some reason, and Alyssa and Buster were voiced by Kath Soucie, Phil, Lil, and Betty's voice actress. Sticky was voiced by Pamela Segall, Baby Drew Pickles' voice actress in its sister episode.
  • Peter Gaffney, the writer of this episode, later went on to create monsters of his own (with Gabor Csupo's help) with Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.
  • This is one of the few episodes that Chuckie, Phil, or Lil don't appear in.
    • When thinking of a replacement babysitter before deciding on Alyssa, Randy suggested the DeVille's, but Stu explained that they couldn't do it because Howard's off on a camping trip with his "male bonding group" and Betty took the twins to Las Vegas for the weekend. For some reason, they didn't think of Chas or Drew or Charlotte or Lou to replace the babysitter.
  • One of the monsters Susie shows to Tommy almost resembles the mythical creature known as "The Rake", which has since become a popular Creepypasta character.
  • Moral: Babysitting is a big responsibility and should be taken seriously.

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