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"The Lamp"
Original Airdate May 21, 2021 (YouTube)
May 27, 2021 (NickRewind)
Previous Short "Night Howl"
Next Short "The Slide"

"The Lamp" is the third short of the Rugrats Shorts. It was released on Paramount+'s Youtube channel in the channel's "Peak of the Week" episode on May 21, 2021. It premiered on May 27, 2021 on NickRewind and Nicktoons. It will also be released as a standalone video on May 28, 2021 on Paramount+'s YouTube channel.

Characters Present


Tommy and his friends get Angelica to confess that she broke a lamp.[1]


Angelica admits to breaking Tommy's lamp as she explains that she was looking for a crayon so she could draw on the hallway wall to get Tommy in trouble. She then looked into the living room and saw the twins playing together. Annoyed and jealous, Angelica finds Tommy's rabbit mask from the previous Halloween and puts on the mask to scare Chuckie away from the lamp. After Chuckie runs from the room, leaving Angelica alone with the lamp, Angelica looks at it and concludes it to be an awful lamp. She purposely knocks it over on purpose, causing it to shatter.

Angelica gloats about her actions and taunts the babies because they can't talk and thus can't tell the adults, but she then hears Didi shouting her name, and notices her and Betty glaring at her angrily. Angelica attempts to declare innocence, but it's no use, as Didi and Betty had overheard everything. Didi is furious with Angelica for breaking the lamp. Didi picks up Angelica and takes her into the kitchen for a timeout until her parents come to pick her up.

Later, Drew and Charlotte pick up Angelica as she is seen in the backseat of the car. Drew and Charlotte glare at her angrily through the car's rearview mirror as they ask her if her timeout made her learn a lesson about breaking her cousin's things. Angelica agrees that she did learn her lesson before whispering to Cynthia that the lesson she learned was "Next time, don't tell anyone."


  • This short is a remake of the original series episode "The Trial", with the two major differences being Drew and Charlotte appearing who were not present in the original episode and the ending where we see them drive home with Angelica.

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